McDonald's El Kadsre (also known as Maccas) is the El Kadsreian branch of McDonald's. The first restaurant was first opened in Eirabourne (then part of East El Kadsre) on July 19, 1968.

The master franchisee, McDonald's El Kadsre Franchisee Ltd., headquartered in Eirabourne, is one of the largest in the world, and plans to open 180 more locations in the El Kadsreian Islands by 2020.


The first McDonald's in El Kadsre opened in Eirabourne, then part of East El Kadsre, in July 1968 at the address of 15 Ashbee Lane. It was opened by then-East El Kadsreian master franchisee Andrew Spark. The original menu featured the then-recently introduced Big Mac (¥7), Filet-O-Fish (¥14), cheeseburger (¥3) and hamburger (¥1) plus french fries (¥1) and Coke products (all ¥3 a cup).

During the invasion of East El Kadsre, when the West El Kadsreian troops were heading to Eirabourne, the East El Kadsreian troops convinced the West El Kadsreian troops to try McDonald's. The troops accepted and members of the troops went to the 15 Ashbee Lane location to try it out. The troops enjoyed it and it gave the West El Kadsreian government a opportunity to get Andrew Spark to open the first McDonalds restaurant in West El Kadsre, which did in Glonisla in July 1969.

The third McDonald's in the then-Vlokozu Union opened in Makohiro in December 1969, making it the first resturant to be opened in the Northern Vlokozuian State of El Kadsre (now North El Kadsre). The fourth McDonald's in the then-Vlokozu Union opened in El Kadsre City in Fujioka Square in March 1970.

Andrew Spark left the operation in 1973 to work for McDonald's corporate as a franchising co-operator and to set up McDonald's franchises in various other foreign nations, so used car salesman Geno Chung became the new Vlokouzian master franchisee.



  • McDonald’s is my kind of place (1968-1970)
  • The taste that does it... McDonald's! (1970-1976)
  • We've got it all for you (1976-1980)
  • You deserve a break today (1980-1985)
  • It's a good time for the great taste (1985-1988)
  • The good time, great taste of McDonald's (1988-1990)
  • Grab the moment (1990-1993)
  • It's mac time (1993-2000)
  • Make every time a good time (2000-2003)
  • Things that make you go MMMMMM! (2003)
  • I'm lovin it (2003-present)


  • マクドナルドは私の場所です (1968-1970)
  • 味なことやる! マクドナルド! (1970-1978)
  • 世界のことば! マクドナルド! (1978-1985)
  • おいしい笑顔! マクドナルド! (1985-1989)
  • だから, マクドナルド! (1989-1995)
  • いい顔いっぱい、バリューがいっぱい (1995-1998)
  • みんなはマクドナルドを愛して (1998-2003)
  • I'm lovin it (2003-present)


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