In 1980, McDonald's Azara introduced a meal for kids consisting of a hamburger or cheeseburger with a kids size fries, kids sized drink, and a toy prize called a Happy Meal.

In 1986 following the introduction of Chicken McNuggets in Azara, a 4-piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal was introduced.

The toy prize can be swapped upon customer request with a kiddie cone, a bag of Zookies (formerly McDonaldland Cookies), or a strawberry yogurt tube.

Adult Happy Meal

In February 2017, McDonald's offer a special Adult Happy Meal promotion with two McDouble burgers or a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets meal with two medium soft drinks or McCafe drinks and a boudoir toy. The toys that were offered with the included a silk eye mask, a head scratcher, and a racy feather duster. The meal was only available in Azara until February 14 to customers 18 of age and older.

The advertisements for the meal were racy with some TV commercial being censored by pixelation and some print ads being censored by a black censorship bar.

The meal was pulled off the menu after February 14 due to lack of sales and racy marketing.

Leftover toy controversy

After the ill-fated Adult Happy Meal promotion ended, restaurants were left with a surplus of the boudoir toys that were offered during the promotion and some restaurants started offering the toys as clean up toys for the kids Happy Meals.

After many complaints from parents about McDonald's giving away the left over boudoir toys, McDonald's discouraged workers from putting the the left over boudoir toys in the kids Happy Meals by ordering workers to check the restaurant's left over toy stock for any of the the left over boudoir toys and put the toys in a separate box.

Apparently, McDonald's started offered the McNight Snack Meal which was sold only offer after 9:00 PM to customers 18 years of age and older as a way for restaurants to get rid of the remaining boudoir toys. The McNight Snack were only be available until the boudoir toys are completely out of stock. The McNight Snack had either a cheeseburger, hamburger, or a 6-piece Chicken McNuggets with small fries and small soft drink.

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