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Me Afterwards is an American Christian alternative rock band formed in 1995 in South Bend, Indiana. The band's name refers to the Biblical verse John 13:33–36, wherein Saint Peter is told "you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow Me afterwards" after Jesus Christ has privately told His disciples that He is leaving them, and "where [He is] going, [they] cannot come". The band is comprised of Alexa Kaper (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jessie Sabourin (lead guitar), Richard Scott-Elliot (bass), Nathan van Asperen (keyboards), and Nicky Derwin (drums). Originally based out of South Bend and signed to Tooth & Nail Records, they later moved to Nashville, Tennessee and signed to Word Records for the Christian market and Maverick for the general market. Their most well-known songs include "Stand Up and Say It", "Maybe You're Mine", and "What Did It Say?".

Many of the band's songs are firmly rooted in Social Gospel convictions and liberal & progressive Christian theology, often exploring themes of Christian hypocrisy and fundamentalism (especially in regards to apologetics, the Christian right and the prosperity gospel), social alienation, family conflicts and injustices committed in the name of religion, and faith-based criticisms of left and right-wing politics, extremism, nationalism, gentrification, pseudoscience, climate change denial, the New Atheism movement, intolerance, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and personality cults, as well as secular songs revolving around topics such as love and friendship, and more traditional and uplifting songs of praise and worship.