Me testing my video website project is the first (and oldest) video to be uploaded on VidSpace. It was uploaded by Tyrrell Takara on January 17, 1997, at 21:23:48 PDT, just roughly 2 hours after he launched the site and created his account.

The thirty-three-second video was shot by Tyrrell himself, featuring him sitting in the dining room of his house, professing about the video, as he hopes that the video will be uploaded successfully to "his video website project".

Transcript and caption

The transcript of the video is:

Alright, this is me testing 1, 2, 3. This is me testing 1, 2, 3. Now I just want to let everyone know including whoever someone is watching my video, that this will be the first video that will be published on my video website project or I call my website "VidSpace" and I hope that this video will be uploaded successfully and I will publish it on the internet for everyone to see and that's much all I can say.


As of October 2017, the video has received 237 million views, over 1 million likes and 736 thousand comments.

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