Media El Kadsre is the El Kadsreian government's key funding body for the El Kadsreian media industry. It replaced the old Vlokozuian Media Union. It owns TTV, International Television, Special Television and the El Kadsreian branch of SBS and provides funding to Regal Group Network, Viva, Inc., TV 6, CPN Media Group, Filipino Television (Taugaran), and Star Media.


After the Vlokozu Union was dissolved, it announced that Vlokozuian Media Union was splited into six media companies. One of which is Media El Kadsre, which is de facto sucessor of the VMU. It was on June 1, 1989.

Media El Kadsre's mascot Mekky the Rabbit was designed by Maja Prebensen.

On May 5, 2019, Media El Kadsre sold Regal Group Network to RGN Holdings Ltd. (formerly known as Borrell Media Enterprises), a Miami-based company led by Guatemalan billionaire Ramón Borrell Arruabarrena and Bryson Lacy's grandson Nicholas Hedstrom. Media El Kadsre will continue to provide funding and assist with programming production for the Regal Group channels.

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