Megan Jones (born May 9, 1949) is an Northern Irish-born El Kadsreian industry veteran. She is formerly the Chief of Vlokozu Television from 1977 to 1979, and then the CEO of El TV Kadsre from 1979 to 1982 after the Vlokozuian Media Union bought out the network, where she pitched the Bionicle franchise, which went on to become the most successful franchise in Technic Heroes. After leaving El TV Kadsre in 1982, she founded Star Television and did not come on the air until November 1983.

She currently owns the Wats Energy EKBL baseball team, and joined the El TV Kadsre board in 2019.

She was the first CEO of El TV Kadsre not to be related to the Matsushita family via blood and marriage.

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