Megassa (Megassan: Maœazchamma) is a country located in Europe, just between Yuru-charaia, Aetholin and Tyono. It was discovered in 1895 by Alfred Kweschappe.



  • Megassa’s main language is Megassan (Maœazchamman).
  • Megassa’s cars drive on the right.
  • Megassa’s demonym is Megassan.
  • The legal drinking age is 17 in Megassa.
  • The legal marriage age is 16 in Megassa.
  • The legal age to use drugs is 19 in Megassa.
  • 17 is the age where you become an adult in Megassa.
  • The legal driving age is 16 in Megassa.
  • The most popular city is Saokewanne, which is the capital of Megassa.
  • There are 8 cities in Megassa: Kagozewa, Mazchane, Aekazwae, Zchwemeke, Laœmanne, Katiemmem, Kwanes, and Saokewanne.
  • There are two types of Megassan language: Old Megassan and New Megassan.


  • In 1977, two high school students hijacked the prime minister’s car and crashed it into a wall. The two were arrested and were then later killed after they were released in 2001.
  • In 1983, a short power accident leads to a flood that covered up almost half of Mazchane. This went on until mid-1984.
  • In 1997, people had to turn off all their gas for 2 months so that MeHelpCo (formerly MHC) could raise money so that everyone had electricity in their house.
  • In 2001, an outbreak of computer viruses had reached Megassa. Computers had to be shut down until they could clear all the viruses. when Windows XP is released, viruses is all deleted in all Megassan computers when upgraded to Windows XP.


  • Megassa has 2 main internet browsers. MegaNet (main) and Infinet (secondary).
  • Megassa has 3 owned car companies: Fallspeed, Struck and Sail.
  • Megassa has 6 owned television channels: Mega1, Mega2, Mega3, Mega4, Lava Lamp, and Think.
  • Megassa’s main and most popular phone company is Zchkemæphone.
  • Megassa has 2 main operating systems. Genesis-OS, which was released in 1989, and GlideOS, which was released in 1991. Genesis-OS was developed by Genesis Power Company (GPC), and GlideOS was developed by ShareCom.


  • The school days in Megassa are from Monday to Friday.
  • The school time is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Megassa.
  • Chalkboards are no longer available in Megassa, as of 2005/2006, because they were replaced with whiteboards. However, some chalkboards are still in use in old schools.
  • Pre-School is for ages 1-3, Kindergarten is for ages 4-5, Grade 1 is for ages 6-7, Grade 2 is for ages 7-8, Grade 3 is for age 8, Grade 4 is for ages 8-9, Grade 5 is for ages 9-10, and Grade 6 is for ages 10-11.
  • The first Megassan school was built in 1900 and was called “Sdakkoa Fazukllw” (Curling School).
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