Melissa Emery (b. 31st January, 1985), born as Melinda-Noire Emery, is a Kuboian voice actress and singer of French heritage.

Early life

Melissa Emery was born on 31st January, 1985 to French parents. Her parents had moved to Kuboia in the early 1980s in order to secure a better life for their family. Although Melissa was born in the Kuboian Borders, she moved to the Kuboian Cliffs in 1998 at the age of thirteen after promised an acting career by Evan Ridley. Melissa's mother had reluctantly allowed Melissa's younger sister, Enny Emery, move out with her after Melissa convinced their mother it was the best choice for everyone.


Melissa made her debut in showbiz in September 2001 when Cindi and Friends premiered on Nick Jr. Kuboia. In the show, Melissa is for voice for Tanya and Quu.


Alongside her acting career, Melissa has also secured herself a moderately successful music career consisting of one Kuboian number one album, and two number one singles.

Studio albums

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