Menotoshu is a country in Asia off the coast of Japan. The most ironic animals in this country are Tanooki Birds (fusion between a Racoon and a Bird), and Colourful Cats (cats with no white, or black fur).


Before colonization:

Menotoshu was once inhabited by East Asians, until the Japanese killed them.


The country's inhabitants were sliced to death by Japanese people. The country was later colonized by Japan.

After colonization and part of Japan:

Menotoshu became a colony of Japan and stayed part of it until 1966.

1966 protests and Independence:

Like Irumistan, the country got independence via protests.

A lot of Menotoshuans gathered around Tokyo just to kill Japanese people and threaten to blow the place up. They won, but were killed by Japanese people due to all the destruction. In August, Japan decided to give them independence, and their own country to live in.

Current day:

Menotoshu was getting rich and rich throughout the years, because of a growing economy. A lot of Chinese, Japanese, English and various other individuals immigrated to the country.

School schedule:


Schools open in Menotoshu at 11AM, and close at 2PM.

Colleges open at 12AM and close at 3PM. Lunch times in Colleges start at 14:00.

Universities open at 5PM and close at 9PM.

The school with the most students in Menotoshu is Golden Shark School.

People at Golden Shark usually use Thai as their language for writing, and use English for speaking.

Golden Shark School is located in Rettoland, West Menotoshu.


Menotoshu has 4 provinces, which are West Menotoshu, East Menotoshu, North Menotoshu, and South Menotoshu.

East Menotoshu is the most populated, but does not have enough money unlike its Western neighbor.

Before Menotoshu was united after independence, the provinces were independent countries. West Menotoshu was controlled by USA, Canada, UK, El Kadsre, and Japan.

East Menotoshu was controlled by India, Brazil, and China.

North and South Menotoshu were both claimed by the Soviets.


The former currency of Menotoshu were Rainbow-Vuckes, but were then changed to Yen in 2008.

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