Merriamia War was a conflict from Merriamia from January 19, 1979 until the fall of Jurewor on May 10, 1981. It is part of the Third Indochina Wars and officially fought between North Merriamia and South Merriamia. North Merriamia was supported by United States, Philippines, South Korea, and other anti-communist allies while South Merriamia was supported by the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and other communist allies.


Imperial Japanese rule (1942-1945)

On October 16, 1942, Imperial Japan launched an attack then USA-occupied Merriamia after they conquered Philipppines on April. USA, not letting its more territories getting conquered, they launched an attack also. Just like on the attack on the Philippines, it is a failure. They kept fighting until on December of 1942, when the USA-Merriamian forces surrendered. They made a treaty called Treaty of Arim, that they let Merriamia to the Japanese, and not conquer other territories.

Japan made Merriamia on a dictatorship and made a puppet state (Merriamian Second Republic). Guerrila warfares were everywhere. Fights against the Japanese is always a failure.

Merriamia divided (1945-1978)

However, on 1945, when the USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrendered. In an agreement between the Soviet Union, Merriamia was divided. North Merriamia was controlled by the USA, while South Merriamia was controlled by the Soviet Union. This angered the South Merriamians, and many uprisings were made, but they were brutally oppressed, such as the Jurewor Uprising of 1951.

Tensions & Going to War (1978-1981)

Tensions arised on July 1978, when the SMAF Chief of Staff Guriore Santos was assassinated. Historians doesn't still know who killed Guriore Santos, but they say its the South Merriamia rebels. But South Merriamia pointed its the North Merriamia agents.

More tensions arised on October 1978, when the South Merriamian Revolutionary Republic went into exile on North Merriamia after South Merriamian Revolution. So on January 19, 1979, they launched an attack on North Merriamia, with the help of Soviet Union, China, and North Korea.

A full-scale invasion was initiated on the border and the outnumbered North Merriamian and American troops lost in the Battle of the Border. UN reinforcements was called on January 23, 1979, when they almost lose the war. They were pushed until the border, the trench warfare begins on the Northern Front.

American landings on South Merriamia begins on June 1979, on Mor. They tried to conquer Yurer Island, but was lost. The trench warfare on the Southern Front begins.

On December 1979, South Merriamians was pushed nearer to the Southern Front. This is because of the Operation Bear Roar, also known as the Operation Rolling Thunder II.

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