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Hello, Mr. Luciano Existe. Your ban appeal has been semi-accepted, for the following reasons:

  1. Two accounts prior to your appeal, 52fanƻit and Aœœœœœœœœœd, have come out against associating with you and being forced by an account named Cr,t,,t,t,t,t,t,t to vote in the Free Quebec canonization poll. However, no other information has come out from Cr and (zero information for) MPFVE852, so your ban still stands, now as 2 months instead of 3 months (1 month per suspected sockpuppet; this time half a month each for Cr and your other account you confessed to having; see number 2).
  2. Your confession of holding another account may ease things in the long run, as it is a confession, but it can count as a sockpuppet since it is not authorized, or that nobody has been informed of its creation. However, if it was created before Dec 2015 (when Driller stepped into power), then it can be passed off as another account.
  3. While there may not supposedly be proof, the actions of these accounts triggered an assumption of sockpuppetry. Even if these are not real sockpuppets, we at Dream Logos and Fiction Wikis are fully focused on preventing any suspicious activity, such as sockpuppetry and vandalism. What I'm saying is you/Cr,t,,t,t,t,t,t,t brought it on yourself.

You may file an appeal again on May 24th.

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