Michael Jelobanne (born December 20, 1986), known online as Jelobanne (formerly jelobanne353), is a Grasslandic YouTube personality, professional gamer, and author. His online video channels have covered many video games, mainly the game Roblox. His channel has been listed among the top YouTube channels in Grassland.

Early life

Jelobanne was born in Geird Hospital in Geird as Michael Robert Jelobanne. When he turned nine he moved to Seewer, on the Southern Grassland Peninsula. He moved to St Gerbley National School where he met the start of how to not be shy in public which lead on to how he became a Youtuber. He attended Geird College where he started his channel as jelobanne353 with Roblox videos.

Career and Channel growth

After college, his channel reached 1,000 subscribers and he made a face reveal video one day later. He started to work for a shop in Grassland called "Grove Shop". He worked for a cashier and was noticed once a day. He worked there for 5 years and when he quit on the 21st of May 2013 he didn't work anywhere else. By that time he had 50,000 subscribers.

Mass channel growth

He hit 100,000 2 years later and thats when it all started. 2 days later he hit 200,000 and he changed his name after that to Jelobanne. His channel growth stopped at 400,000 and he never got anything like that again.

1,000,000 subscribers

He reached 1,000,000 and after that he started playing other games such as Minecraft, Minecraft Story Mode and etc.

10,000,000 subscribers

Grove Shop

When he hit 10,000,000 subscribers he made a Grasslandic version of his channel called Jelobanne (Michael in Grasslandic).


Jelobanne is not clickbait and does videos that are not cringey.

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