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Sir Michael "Mikey" James Vlokozu, Jr. (September 26, 1929 - March 25, 1989) was a Vlokozuian-Australian politician and political theorist. He served as president of West El Kadsre from 1967 to 1969 and of the Vlokozu Union from 1969 to his death in 1989.

Under his leadership, Vlokozu Union became a semi-presidential socialist state under the constitutional monarchy governed by the Vlokozuian Labor Party. Michael's main goal was to create a utopian society with "no corruption, fighting or discrimination, but only peace, friendship and understanding." Ideologically to Kayosism, he adopted one of Kayos' customs to develop his own political ideology and philosophical system known as Vlokism.

Michael was listed in the inaugural Time 100 most influential people list in 1999. He is the namesake of the Michael Vlokozu Center for World Peace and the International Vlokist Society's annual Michael Vlokozu Prize for Unity, Peace & Friendship. He came in second place in the national Great El Kadsreians election in 2009.


Early life

Vlokozu was born in Dubbo on September 26, 1929. His father, Michael Vlokozu, Sr. (1897-1983), was Australian, and his mother, Lily Frank Tuiasosopo (1902-1957), was half-Samoan and half-British. He also had a eldest brother named Albert (1926-1947).

The house in Newcastle where Vlokozu spent his childhood (photo taken in 2010)

Vlokozu and his family moved to Newcastle in 1931, where he spent most of his childhood there. In 1947, Albert, was killed in the traffic collision near North Newcastle.

In 1948, a year after his brother's death, He moved to Brisbane. He educated at University of Queensland between 1949 to 1952, where he expressed interest on Kayosism, which encouraged him to move to El Kadsre to work as an ambassador here. He married to the Canadian student Laverne Vlokozu in 1951.

As Australian ambassador to El Kadsre

Vlokozu in 1952

In 1953, Vlokozu moved to El Kadsre, where he worked as the Australian ambassador. At 23, he was the youngest person to be appointed as the Australian ambassador. After the creation of West El Kadsre, Vlokozu became the opposition leader.

As opposition leader of West El Kadsre

As a opposition leader, he was one of the people who pushed Australian influence in El Kadsre and he was involved along with Education Department of El Kadsre in adoption of LTC schools, originated from Australian state of Victoria, and many of LTC school buildings were built in West El Kadsre. In 1960, he formed a West El Kadsreian space program as he said that West El Kadsre will beat the United States and the Soviet Union in the space race.

In 1961, Vlokozu announced plans that if he was elected president, he would make West El Kadsre an bigger and powerful superpower more powerful than Republic of El Kadsre as well as the two superpowers; the United States and the Soviet Union, which would later become the Union of the Vlokozuian States. He created the operation aimed to achieve his goal to transition the British-occupied state into the semi-presidential democratic socialist state called the "Three-year-plan" with the plot to dominate the Statute of Westminister in 1967, invade East El Kadsre by force in 1968 to oust Hiroshi Kayos from power as he sees him as the only person who could stop him from succeeding his goals and then finally the creation of the union in 1969.

Vlokozu in 1967

As president of West El Kadsre

In 1967, Vlokozu became the president of West El Kadsre after defeating Harry Carlisle in the 1967 presidental election. Under his presidency, he introduced the universal health care system to the country, a silightly higher minimum wage and pensions. In July 13, 1967, Vlokozu was the one of the major targets of Operation Verlammen, when East El Kadsreian spy Hiroki Sakamoto disguised as the West El Kadsreian soilder, planted the bomb in one of West El Kadsreian bases in Vicnora. While the then-prime minister of West El Kadsre Takehiko Maeda and Richard Giles were killed instantly, Vlokozu managed to narrowly survive when Giles moved the briefcase containing the bomb to the leg of the table. After being waken from a coma for 3 weeks, Vlokozu spent four months on a wheelchair to recover his injuries from the plot..

On November 2, 1968, it was suggested that West El Kadsre's decision to invade East El Kadsre and sent Kayos to the Ikeda Islands was Vlokozu's initiative, not the Commonwealth one, since it was the part of the three-year plan to create the Vlokozu Union. After the war, West El Kadsre occupied East El Kadsre until the East was absorbed in 1969.

As prime minister of the Vlokozu Union

Vlokozu in 1970

On November 11, 1969, Vlokozu formed the Union of the Vlokozuian States after East El Kadsre, North El Kadsre, Mahri and Sentan were united with West El Kadsre after signing the treaty of the creation of the Vlokozu Union.

Vlokozu made dramatic changes after the formation of the union, such as improvements on the economy which led to the economic miracle, and the military. Vlokozu made the Vlokozu Union the first county to land their astronauts on Mars.

Vlokozu in 1978

On April 15, 1974, Vlokozu gave the "We Must Bring Back Peace" speech at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The written version of the speech is considered one of the most important documents of Vlokism. During an interview with CBS News, the first interview granted to him in his position as Vlokozu Union leader, Michael famously responded to a question about civil rights in the Union with "There is only love, happiness, peace, and friendship in the Vlokozu Union. Discrimination, hatred and resentment? Well, that's unheard of."


Main article: Assassination of Michael Vlokozu

Vlokozu died on March 25, 1989 at NTT Medical Center Tokyo in the Gotanda district of Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan due to wounds received from ballistic trauma. He was assassinated by David Hukina, a member of the Hukina royal family, who were the last ruling royal family of Vicnora at the time. Susumu Mizushima took over after his death, but dissolved the Vlokuzu Union afterwards, forming the United El Kadsreian Nations.

Following his death, Michael's body was flown from Japan to El Kadsre, where his body was displayed in a room at the Vlokozu Palace (now United El Kadsreian Nations Administration Building). Afterwards, Angélique Vlokozu, one of his adopted daughters, took Michael's body and gave him a quick and clandestine burial in the woods near Caelum before she and most of her adoptive family fled the United El Kadsreian Nations into exile in Belgium, leaving her two brothers Jarred and David, who will later become a prime minister of El Kadsre in 1996 and her sister Jacqui.

In 1995, his burial site was declared a National Monument of El Kadsre.

Michael has a cenotaph at Old Dubbo Cemetery in his hometown of Dubbo, Australia, placed in-between the graves of his mother and father.

Personal life

Michael with his wife Laverne and daughter Jacqui in 1983 at El TV Kadsre Television Centre

Vlokozu's prized possessions included a restored 1943 Toyota AC, a 1971 VCMC Hornet, which was a first VCMC car to be built, a ZIL-4104 limousine gifted to him by Russian pianist Irina Plotnikova, and a collection of abstract artwork. He also owned a collection of pocketbikes, and participated in several celebrity pocketbike races.

Beliefs and ideology

Vlokozu was an utopianist and world peace advocate. When ruling West El Kadsre and the Vlokozu Union, his main goal was to create a western-style utopian society with "no corruption, fighting or discrimination, but only peace, friendship and understanding." He called activism in general "a cancer that destroys families and societies" and instead encouraged "unity and cooperation" to resolve problems activism is used to combat. He also wanted the Vlokozu Union to join the Non-Aligned Movement, but its application was rejected by Vizhutua because it violated 3 of the principles of the Movement (Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-aggression, and mutual non-interference in domestic affairs) by illegally annexing the Vicnoran Kingdom (one of the founding NAM members), and promoting West El Kadsre's excessive use of force during his Three Year Plan.

Although he did not officially prohibit freedom of speech during his reign, Vlokozu voiced his disillusionment with freedom of speech, calling it "a flawed concept that divides communities and families."


Coty Hodges portrayed Michael in the 2002 documentary comedy film Vlokozu.