Mickey's Kids Songs is a 1998 Disney Sing-Along Songs video.


Live-Action Cast

  • Mera Baker - Mera
  • Austin Ball - Austin
  • Hannah Owens - Hanna
  • Chase Gallatin - Chase
  • Nicolle Goodwyn - Nicky
  • Robert Loggia - Mr. Singlotsofsongs

Voice Cast

Suit Performers


  1. "Mickey's Funtime Anthem" [Mickey's Sing-Along Spectacular series theme]


  • This was filmed at The Studios at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.
  • Mera Baker, Austin Ball, Chase Gallatin, and Hannah Owens from Barney & Friends, along with character actor Robert Loggia, make appearances in the video.
  • Tom Kenny is credited as Thomas Kenny in this video.
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