Micuyoki feykroch Vinni-Pukhdum (literally: "The New Adventures with Winnie the Pooh") is the Crootch dub of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. It originally aired from 1995-2006 as part of the Disney Festival block on CGT 1.

The opening song


Shel'mudzo, aksh... Nin dzevuling...

Ikushi rumige shigo!

Na murudzoga, dasuuga, chonroga...

Na Vinni! Varhumdzel' Vinni!

Feykroche toidzu dum noshka m'yolge naadzu.

Vinni! O, eridochun!

Turhveya, shingillya chudzu marangeyo.

Aika tarhokuyo akhvechiyoki-do, antukshe dzou ni-tumunzel'.

Lingre dzou murhikhe... Akayo shlidzakhe...

Kay chogiliizhen satugel'-da norhayo!

Vinni! O, akhvizdiikhan'!

Nazukul dasiika – tuvum-takh slikaveshigu.

Sitka gel'vezok voshugad...

Mikhladzel' routukh shinśigel' rumig-yon Pukh.


"I guess that... The time has come...

There is need to see a friend!

This one is darling, unusual, fluffy...

This one is Winnie! Winnie is coming!

We are having adventures, and now we are eating honey.

Winnie! O, bear-cub!

Boldly, with energy we will be climbing the tree.

We never will be depressed, even when we are scared.

When it is boring... If you are crying at home...

You for sure will be not alone!

Winnie! O, stay here!

Again together enjoying endless.

Close to the best friend...

My unique friend Pooh is running behind me".

Character name changes

  • Winnie the Pooh → Vinni-Pukh
  • Rabbit → Un'yassi

Voice cast


  • This dub was the last role of actor Toto Kisskia, who voiced Winnie the Pooh in the Crootch dubs of the Soviet Винни-Пух cartoons.
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