"Stuck on a difficult boss? Out of items to use or stages to play? Bring on the Mighty Gargantuar!"
- Official description

'Takaru Tanizawa' (Japanese: 谷沢タカル; Hepburn: 'Tanizawa Takaru'), otherwise known as the Mighty Gargantuar and the 'Mighty Thick Sledgehammer' (Japanese: マイティシックスレッジハンマー; Hepburn: 'Maiti Shikku Surejjihanmā') in Japan, is a fictional character that acts as a helping aid in Drillimation games for players who are having difficulty trying to beat bosses that are ranked as difficult. In games that have him, this can allow players to skip an entire boss fight without any input.

In the games

Odyssey series

In most RPGs by Drillimation, the player can use the Mighty Gargantuar on a difficult boss and bypass the entire fight. In order to use one, the player must purchase one from the in-game store for $1 (in the mobile versions only). If they are playing on a console, then a number of them are given for free. Once the player purchases one, they can then use him in battle.

In order to summon him, the player must open their inventory during their turn. They can then select the item, which is then used on all enemies. Seconds later, he will then appear and pull out a sledgehammer. He then bangs it against the ground violently, causing the ground to shake and all enemies to flinch. It is also a OHKO move, killing all enemies instantly.

Using a Mighty Gargantuar can skip the fight and further the plot. However, only three-fourths of all EXP and ingots they typically yield when killed normally are given to the player.

The Canada Odyssey

In the 2018 game The Canada Odyssey, the player is given three uses of the Mighty Gargantuar at the start of the game. Players can get another one every ten levels (for a maximum of ten), but they can also be purchased for $50.001 at all in-game stores and is winnable through the Happy Scratch Ticket if the player matches three of their dominoes to the ones given.2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Mighty Gargantuar appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a way to bypass more difficult spirit battles. However, using the Gargantuar against them will yield nothing but the spirit itself.


Many players consider the Mighty Gargantuar as a form of cheating. According to a poll conducted by Susumu Takajima, over 95% of all players play through the selected game without using one while 5% of others do so.


  1. That price is for the in-game currency, not the real one.
  2. All domino combinations go from zero to five on both the top and bottom, meaning the player has a 1 in 36 chance of winning. The probability of obtaining a Mighty Gargantuar through the Happy Scratch Ticket is approximately 1 to 3 in 108.
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