Miku Kayos Viaduct is a double-decked road-rail truss bridge spanning from North Comoeys City on the first island to South Comoeys City on the second island in El Kadsre. Its upper deck is part of the Comoeys Regional Highway, spanning 4,588 metres (15,052 ft). Its lower deck, with a double-track railway, is 6,772 metres (22,218 ft) long, and is part of EKRail's Comoeys Line. Its right bridge consists of nine piers, with the maximum span of 160 metres (525 ft) and the total length of 1,576 metres (5,171 ft). The bridge carries approximately 100,000 vehicles and 290 trains per day.

The bridge was opened in 1942 as the Comoeys Rail-Road Truss Bridge by the Vicnoran parliament.

Suicide site

The Miku Kayos Viaduct is known to be the most frequent suicide site in the Oceania region, with 15,000 suicides recorded in 1986. The first known suicide was that of Comoeys Secondary College student Andreas Silva who jumped from the bridge to his death in 1976.

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