Mina and the Count is an upcoming 2020 live-action comedy written and directed by Rob Renzetti and co-directed by Tom Hanks. The film stars JoJo Siwa as Mina Harper, Isabella Moner, Tom Hanks, Chosen Jacobs, Veronika Bonell, Joshua Rush, with the voices of Jim Carrey and Rachel Wiesz. A live-action film based on a series of Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts and a TV series by Rob Renzetti was announced in 2018, and Siwa was cast in the title role on February 2019. Most of the other lead cast members were hired throughout the rest of the year, and filming took place from May to September 2019 in Kansas City, with Worlds of Fun announced to make an appearance in one scene of the movie. This film is set 7 years after the television shorts and after the series finale of Mina and the Count .


Taking place seven years after the shorts, Mina Harper (JoJo Siwa), is now fourteen and now lives in the small town of New Transylvania, Missouri. During a sleepover with her friends Warren (Chosen Jacobs), Lisa (Veronika Bonell), and Thomas (Joshua Rush), Vlad suddenly comes back after mysteriously disappearing on the day Mina moved. Now Mina, his family and his friends must embark on a quest to stop Igor from taking over the world, or risk losing her family forever.


  • JoJo Siwa as Mina Harper: an aspiring animator and pop star who met Vlad when she was 7.
  • Isabella Moner as Lucy Harper: Mina's older sister who attends New Transylvania University.
  • Jim Carrey as Mr. Harper: Mina and Lucy's strict yet loving father.
  • Rachel Wiesz as Mrs. Harper: Mina and Lucy's busy mother.
  • Chosen Jacobs as Warren: a boy from New Transylvania High who befriends Mina.
  • Veronika Bonell as Lisa: a girl who dreams of becoming the next class president at NTH.
  • Joshua Rush as Thomas: a boy who gets picked on at New Transylvania High.


  • Tom Hanks as Vlad: a 700-year old vampire who met Mina when she was 7.


The film is set to be released on October 30, 2020, it was originally scheduled to be released on September 10, 2020.


The film was announced at CCXP and San Diego Comic Con in 2018. The first trailer was first seen before Sonic the Hedgehog on February 14, 2020, and was released on YouTube on the next day.

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