Minecraft Channel is an Engarian cable television channel owned by Sony Pictures Television Engary. Launched on January 14th, 2019, the channel mainly airs programs that were produced in Minecraftia or programs that are related to Minecraft.

As of May 2019, it is one of the most-watched cable television channels in the country.

The channel is not only available in Engary, but it is also available in the Republic of Minecraftia, which has a different feed under the name (Minecraft Channel Republic of Minecraftia).


On December 2nd, 2018, When Roblox channel received high ratings since its launch, Sony pictures television engary decided that they will launch a new channel about a video game. That name was not known at the time and many viewers believed that sony pictures television engary would launch a channel about Fortnite, or something else.

On Christmas eve of that same year, sony pictures television engary officially announced that they will launch a new channel about Minecraft.

The channel officially launched on January 14th, 2019, at 12:00 pm. The first program to be shown on the channel was "Minecraft Channel: the first day", presented by two minecraftian presenters, Bruce Stewart and Lisa Gordy.

On May 2019, to celebrate 10 years of Minecraft, the channel has decided that they will begin airing new programs on the channel, including (Things that you didn't know about Minecraft) presented by Engarian Youtuber Connor Holland, (Taking Inventory) a show about Minecraft items, and others. The move was a huge success on the channel and ratings were later picked up, thus becoming the most-watched cable television channel in Engary.

On September 28th of that same year, Minecraft Channel aired the live coverage of MINECON Live 2019. On the same day, Minecraft Channel announced that they will begin airing a new animated television series on the channel called Nether City, as a response to the announced features of the upcoming Minecraft 1.16 update.

On February 5th, 2020, Minecraft Channel began airing the aforementioned animated television series, Nether City.


Current programs




  • Taking Inventory (2019-present)
  • Build with it (2019-present)
  • Things that you didn't know about Minecraft (2019-present)
  • Exatlon Minecraft (2019-present)


  • The Minecraft Sketch Show (2019-present)

Special events

  • MINECON Live (2019-present)

Former Programs



  • Sins and Love (2019-2020)
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