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The 'Minecraftia Educational Conglomerate' (Japanese: 鉱山国教育コングロマリット, Hepburn: 'Kōzan-koku Kyōiku Konguromaritto'), often abbreviated to MEC, is a Minecraftian publicly-funded educational television station and media organization that serves all of Minecraftia. They operate two stations across Minecraftia: one in Kozankyo of Minecraftia province and another in Dockery Bay of Kyoushin province. It is available on most stations across Minecraftia, and all stations in most cities are required to carry it on their basic tier. Despite most programs being aired directly on TV, the programming can also be streamed online.


MEC was launched in 1960.


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MEC carries a variety of educational programming, mainly children's programming, documentaries, scripted dramas, and public affairs. They mainly air a series of original programming, as well as acquired programming from other countries. Their morning and afternoon programs are mainly aimed at children, while their nighttime programs are aimed at teenagers and adults. The Eastern Minecraftia station airs most of their programs in English, while the Western Minecraftia station airs their programs in Japanese. Occasionally, programs are aired in the other language, mainly to increase their bilingualism.