'Minecraftia High School' (Japanese: 鉱山国高校; Hepburn: 'Kōzan-koku Kōkō') is a fictional high school that characters in the Crystal Island series attend. Founded in 1926, it has been running for more than ninety years. Students can be enrolled at birth and accepted after completing junior high school.


The school was founded by two couples by the names of Honoka Akimoto, Soichirou Kishimizu, Tsumugi Chikami, and former Mineplex All Boys High School founder Kenta Kazami in 1926. Three of the school's founders, Akimoto, Kishimizu, and Chikami were all good friends who attended the same school. The other founder, Kazami, left Mineplex All Boys High School due to discomfort after creating the Altar of Hidden Evil, which his great-grandson, Fred Fuchs, later opened fifty years after Mineplex's opening.


In the anime

The school mainly appears in the anime starting from the first episode. The school has been primarily featured in almost every episode of the series.

In the games

Although Minecraftia doesn't usually appear in the games, it is mentioned regularly by characters in the dialogue.



First-year students are separated into one of the four alignments. The alignment is chosen through the student's mind and decisions through a quick survey the students take. Each alignment is based on one of the four founders of the school.


Main article: Honoodan

Named after Honoka Akimoto, Honoodan students mainly rely on bravery and attack and is based on fire. Many characters, including Susumu Takajima, Kagami Ochiai, and Kumiko Uchida, are in Honoodan.


Main article: Tsuchidan

Named after Tsumugi Chikami, Tsuchidan students rely on a spirit and special attack and defensive power. Notable students include Ryuta Shigematsu, Shira Katsumoto, and Rikka Katsumoto.


Main article: Mizudan

Named after Soichirou Kishimizu, Mizudan students rely on speed and evasive power.


Main article: Kazedan

Named after Kenta Kazami, Kazedan students rely on defensive power. Surprisingly, many Kazedan students often become criminals. Many of the anime's villains were in Kazedan. Notable ones include Jay Brinks, Joey Belmont, and Ryan Tenmetsu (even though he isn't bad).

Minecraftia High School

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Minecraftia high school

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