The Minecraftian public broadcasting system is a set of organizations that together take care of public service television and radio broadcasting in the Netherlands. It is composed of two foundations, RTNB and SMCT, which acts as its governing bodies and a number of public broadcasters.

The Media Act of 2010 regulates how air time is divided and puts the administration of the public broadcasting system in the hands of the Board of Directors of RTNB. In addition to the national broadcasters, there are also regional broadcasters and local broadcasters in Minecraftia.

This arrangement has its origins in the Dutch and Swiss broadcast systems. Under this system the different religious, ethnic and political streams of Minecraftian society (Chinese, Beneluxers, Malays, Swede-Nordics, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Taoists, etc.) all have their own separate associations, newspapers, sports clubs, educational institutions, and also broadcasting organizations.

The stated aim is to give a voice to each social group in the multicultural diversity that is Minecraftia society. The number of hours allocated to each broadcaster corresponds, roughly, to the number of members each organization can recruit (although this does not apply to YPB, PRP or TPC – see below). Since 2000, the system has been financed out of general taxation rather than from broadcast receiver licence fees. This is supplemented by a limited amount of on-air advertising (provided by MTAS), which has been allowed since 1978.

Nearly all viewers in Minecraftia receive most of their linear TV via cable, IPTV (DSL or fiber) or satellite systems. Regional public TV exists in parallel to the national system described below. Commercial television in Minecraftia began in 1989, with Tele21, owned by millionaire Hafiz Abdul Aziz Fawzy bin Fuad Abdul Rafi'uddin (whose identity was not disclosed until 2015). In 1992, the government of Minecraftia legalised commercial TV, and many new commercial channels run by Aziz Fawzy's children have become established since then.

List of broadcasters

Under the Media Act of 2010, the Minecraftian broadcasting system constitutes:

Governing organizations

  • RTNB (Radio Televisyen Negara Borneo) - Main broadcaster
  • RTBSB (St. Minersburg Television) - Broadcaster for Greater St. Minersburg

Member-based organizations

  • PRU-YST (Penyiar Radio Umum-Yayasan Siaran Televisyen) - Focusing on entertainment
  • PPRA-TB (Persatuan Pekerja Radio Amatur-Televisyen Belia) - Youth-oriented broadcaster
  • RIB-PTM (Radio Islam Borneo-Penyiaran Televisyen Muslim) - Islamic broadcaster
  • TWE (Televisyen untuk Warga Emas) - Distributes programming for viewers over 60
  • PRK-RKB (Penyiar Radio Kristian-Radio Katolik Borneo) - Catholic broadcaster
  • PEB (Penyiaran Evangelikal Borneo) - Protestant Christian broadcaster
  • MRB (Minecraftian Regional Broadcasting Group) - Manages the regional broadcast system.
  • PKD (Penyiaran Keluarga Diraja) - Broadcasts Royal Family events.
  • PP (Penyiaran Parlimen) - Broadcasts Parliament sessions.

Task-based organizations

  • YPB (Yayasan Penyiaran Borneo) - Coordinator of the other broadcasters, news broadcaster
  • PRP (Penyiaran Radio Pendidikan) - Educational broadcaster
  • TPC (Teleplay Production Center) - Responsible for creating feature movies and TV movies.

Language-based organizations

Based on the Swiss broadcast system.

  • MSS (Minerskar Svensksändning) - Swedish
  • RPBC (Radio Penyiaran Bahasa Cina) - Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien
  • PRBI (Penyiar Radio Bahasa-Bahasa India) - Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu
  • PBN (Penyiaran Bahasa-Bahasa Nordik) - Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Old Norse
  • RBB (Radio Bahasa-Bahasa Belgia) - Dutch, French, German, Luxembourgish
  • TRBA (Televisyen Radio Bahasa Arab) - Arabic
  • PBEST (Penyiaran Bahasa-Bahasa Eropah Selatan-Tengah) - Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Silesian

Religious-based organizations

  • BBR (Borneo Buddhist Radio) - Buddhist broadcaster. Joint venture between PRBI and RPBC.
  • RYB (Radio Yahudi Borneo) - Jewish broadcaster, broadcasts from the Chabad of St. Minersburg.
  • TR (Taoist Radio) - Broadcaster for Taoists/Shenists/Confucianists. Merged with RPBC.
  • HMG (Hinduists' Media Group) - Hinduist broadcaster. Merged with PRBI.
  • ORB (Orthodox Radio Broadcasting) - Orthodox broadcaster. Merged with PBEST.
  • SHR (Secular Humanism Radio) - Broadcaster for secular Humanists. 

Other broadcasters

  • SoCuTele (Social and Cultural Television) - Similar function to Dutch Socutera.
  • PPB (Political Party Broadcasting) - Airtime for commercials of political parties represented in Minecraftian Parliament. Has internal test channel.
  • MTAS (Minecraftia Television Advertising Service) - Independent agency handling advertising exclusively on RTNB's television, radio and online outlets. Created by the Broadcasting Act 1978 to prevent commercial influence on programming. Currently, income from advertising forms a third of the annual Media Budget to the public system.

Regional broadcasters

All are controlled and managed by MRB (Minecraftian Regional Broadcasting).

  • SMCT - St. Minersburg Federal Territory (one of the governing organizations alongside RTNB)
  • TVS - Sarawak
  • SHTV - Sabah
  • KTB - Kuching Federal Territory
  • MVT - Minevarden
  • MJT - Millatjan
  • GTB - Georgetown Federal Territory
  • TVA - Antleburg
  • NPT - New Perak
  • WMT - West South Borneo
  • EBT - East South Borneo
  • AVT - Avignas
  • LLT - Lillfors
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