Minimax is an El Kadsreian TV channel.


Minimax launched in the United El Kadsreian Nations in 1997 on Paintbox, YangTel, VideoSystem, ElStar and Marksat in El Kadsre, and various other providers including, but not limited to, Cignal and YangTel in North El Kadsre, Vicnora, Sentan, and Mahri; and at the time was owned by Canal+ El Kadsre Ltd. and based out of El Kadsre City. It was also aired via satellite through El TV Kadsre Dish Corporation receivers.

The channel had been localized for the region. The Minikaruzela block became Minicarousel, and the idents had most of the characters' vocalizations redubbed in Ottawa (Canada) by Sound Visions Ltd. (owned by Martin Berger) to prevent any instances of Polish or Spanish accents being "mushed into" accents of children in the region. Some Minikaruzela idents had the live-action parts featuring Polish children reshot with kids from El Kadsre City for their Minicarousel versions.

Holly Gauthier-Frankel was chosen as announcer as she was recognizable with her voice acting duties in several CINAR shows.








Ident Voices

Idents originally produced in 1995

Idents originally produced from 2001-2004

Idents from 2006-present


  • The reason why Sonja Ball took over as the voice of Kiddyson is due to Tyrone Savage having gone through puberty.
  • The only voice actors to voice their characters between all of the 1995-2006 bumpers are Martin Berger as Kingyson and Bryn McAuley as Joymie.

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