Mintered: The Movie is an adult animated action-horror-thriller-dramedy movie produced by 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Pictures and Film4.

The movie is a spinoff to the Fox animated series Mintered and all the cast members from the show reprise their roles for the film.

The movie debuted in the UK on June 30, 2000 before a release in the USA and Canada on July 14, 2000.

It won an Oscar for Best Animated Film, beating The Emporer’s New Groove and Chicken Run.


The movie begins as Bluey and Pinkstone Minter, two characters from the series, are watching TV, struggling to find a good show, as Orangebolt is preparing to go to a new school, Stacker and Flute are in the devolopment of a new movie called “What The Actual Bleep” about a comedy writer starring in a drama movie, and ths struggles it takes.

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