Mintey Miles is a Jetanie-born Kuboian political entrepreneur and television personality, and the current president in Kuboian. She became the sixth president of Kuboia on 21st January, 2019, and the first female president since Kiddi Grindle's impeachment in 2003. Mintey insists that her main political concern is health and well-being in Kuboia.

Personal life

Mintey Miles started dating Nathan Fiddles in August 2016. They married each other on 30th June, 2017. Mintey is 31 years older than her husband.

Business ventures

As of 2020, Mintey owns a variety of estates, oil rigs and public institutions.

Controversy and criticism

General criticism

Since she became the president of Kuboia, Mintey has received severe criticism, as many politicians worldwide believe that she does not take her role seriously and is ignorant to how politics work.

COVID-19 pandemic

Mintey Miles has implemented very little restrictions in Kuboia following the coronavirus pandemic. Some have argued that she is not taking the pandemic seriously, whilst others have argued that she is handling the situation better than other country leaders such as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. However, she particularly received blacklash after branding the COVID-19 pandemic "an exaggerated mess".

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