Mirage (stylized as MIRAGÉ) is a 2018 action-adventure video game with development lead by Ubisoft Toronto and Montreal studios and published by Ubisoft.


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Development on the game began as Geo's World: The Color Frog, shortly after Ubisoft acquired the license for Geo Adventure in 2002.  Ubisoft Montpellier discovered the documents of the cancelled game done during development, and decided to pitch the re-creation to Ubisoft. Ubisoft greenlighted the project and the game has started development, with the release date of 2003, released to Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and PC by Ubisoft Montpellier and Ubisoft Montreal. It was supposed to be a remake of the cancelled game Geo's World: Geo Guy And The Lost Color Frog, which was developed by Midway Games for the same franchise.

The game was leaked in May 2003, few weeks before E3 2003, where Ubisoft first acknowledged the game, along with prototype gameplay and concept art. The prototype was built with the then-upcoming Jade engine; Ubisoft stated that the game would be incorporating elements from the cancelled game.

In E3 2014, it was revealed, that Michel Ancel considered making the game into the franchise whenever it's released. When Michel Ancel left Ubisoft to form Wild Sheep Studio, Gabriel's relative Sam Garcia was announced to be the new designer and director of the game.

The development was quickly halted in 2015 and rebooted in 2017 as Mirage.


:Main article: Mirage 2 The sequel was announced weeks after the release of Mirage, following positive reception and sales. The Phantasm engine will be used in the sequel and will be available for public after the sequel's release.

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