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Maria Miranda Lorenzo known professionally as Miranda Gilberts (born. October 9, 1981) is a Mexican singer-songwriter, actress, former MTV Saleria VJ, model and current hostess alongside Miro Caballero of the Mexican television music variety show Night at The Stages on N3ON.tv Mexico. She rose to fame after winning on the seventh season of Juan Robinson's That's My Rock Kids in 1988. Her debut single, "Broken of the Dark", was released on July 19, 1988, and was covered by various bands worldwide. In 1990, she started her career as a child actor at the age of 9 when she was cast as the lead role as Sandra in the Salerian soap opera Il Fanciulla di Sogno. She is best known for her roles as Jenny in SBPC 1 (now TeleUno) melodrama Requiem Nova (1996), Jodie in TangoTV fantasy Once Upon a Time in Magician (1997), Tiffany in TangoTV soap opera Pierre e Hayabusa (2004), Catarina in ABS1 teen sitcom The Secret Powers of Life (2004-2007), Alice in MTV anthology Fairy Tale Magical Stories (2004), and Maricela in TangoTV drama series Dark Mystic of Woman (2006). She rose to prominence for their role as Micah in the El Kadsreian musical television film The Cosmic Princess (2005) and its sequel The Cosmic Princess: Dreaming (2007); the former film's soundtrack contained "Find of Cosmos", Her single and duet with Zachary Matsumoto. Best known as the former lead singer of the Mexican-Peruvian band Resolution Era from 1991 to 1996. She was the lead vocalist of the Mexican rock band Rainbow of Divine from 2010 to 2021, and currently Salerian rock band Show 4 Choice, since 2018. She also won the second season of the Salerian version of Masked Singer Saleria in 2019-20. She is dubbed as one of the "Mexican's Rock of the Girl".

Early Life

Maria Miranda Lorenzo was born on October 9, 1981, in Mexico City, Mexico to Marylou (née Caballero) and Mario Lorenzo, and was raised alongside her one older-sister Hilda Marina. She began her education in the Liceo Franco Mexicano, graduating in 1987. At the age of eight, she began singing classes.


1988: That's My Rock

In 1988, Gilberts auditioned for the seventh season of That's My Rock Kids in Sherbet Town, Provinciam. Gilberts went on to win the competition on July 10, 1988, at the Sherbet Town Memorial Park, earning 88% of the votes against runner-up Zachary Matsumoto.

Episode Theme Song Choice Original Artist Results
Audition N/A "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen Advanced
Semi-Audition "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" The Arrows
Top 16 "Questo è un gioco d'amore" Sadira Safe
Top 8 "Greatest Love of All" Whitney Houston
Top 7 Throwback Hits "Impossible Dream (The Quest)" Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion
Top 6 Duets "Ripartitio" (w/Jesse De Fuller) Nathan Hoffman and Tina Hyori
Top 5 Rock "Temple of the King" Rainbow
Top 4 Ballad "It's My Turn" Diana Ross
Top 3 Judge's Choice

Single Choice

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

"Who Loves Me"

Whitney Houston

Miguel Evans

Finale New Songs

Audition Songs

Previous Songs

Coronation Songs

"Isn't Baby Last"

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

"It's My Turn"

"Broken of the Dark"

Zenna Lopez-Smith


Diana Ross

Miranda Gilberts


1989-1990: Breakthrough

She partook in the TMR All-Stars Concert on August 22, 1988, where she sang alongside Eva Margarita Jo, Seth De Samuel, Lavinia Anderson, Sander Kay, Anette, Matt Katey, Andrea Cate, Cole Meyer, Evelyn Messina, Zachary Matsumoto, and Ronyeon Park.

1991-1996: Resolution Era

In 1991, Gilberts formed Resolution Era with fellow band members Jackie Lima (bassist), Leon Suarez (drummer), Seiko Han (lead guitarist), and Louis De Howards. She released two albums with them as their lead singer. In April 1995, she performed "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen on the children's television show Across The Mistacia. Gilberts left Resolution Era in November 1996. In December 1996, introduced Eliza Randal as their new lead singer.

1995-2011: MTV Saleria VJ

Gilbert began her career in radio, and in 1995 joined MTV Saleria. In 1998, she was invited to host a show called Programa di Miranda Gilberts. In 2011, she was left to MTV Saleria.

2010-2021: Rainbow of Divine

After Rainbow of Divine's previous lead singer Yumi Tanaka, parted ways with the band, Gilberts acted as Rainbow of Divine's live lead vocalist for the remainder of the Pure of the Hunter Tour in 2010.

On January 22, 2011, Rainbow of Divine announced Gilberts as Tanaka's permanent replacement in the band. In 2011, Rainbow of Divine released their first studio album featuring Gilberts as the lead singer The Fire and The Ice.

In April 2013, Gilberts announced that she has been diagnosed. This forced Rainbow of Divine to cancel many of their shows. In May, Rainbow of Divine toured with Latvian operatic mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča, replacing Gilberts for their Europe tour until July 19, 2013, when Gilberts performed again at their show in Mexico City, Mexico.

In January 2021, Gilberts left Rainbow of Divine. In February 20, 2021, introduced English pop-rock singer Celia Moore as their new lead singer.

2015-present: River Fifth

In 2015, announced new project was announced. Called Fifth River, it features Gilberts and four other singers Yumi Tanaka, Nico Alina, Andrea Cate, and Anette. The track list of their debut album, Breaking My Victories, was released on January 2016.

Acting Career

She made her television debut in 1990, as Jenny on the SPBC 1 (now TeleUno) soap opera Il Fanciulla di Sogno alongside Zachary Matsumoto, Andy Peterson and Patrick de Bellini.

In June 1998, Gilberts starred alongside Zenna Lopez-Smith in TangoTV miniseries Dreaming of Goddess. Gilberts made her film debut in February 1999, as Francesca Miller in Salerian comedy adventure film Double and Departure alongside Jean Ivan Becker, Vivi Reina Pérez and Chris von de Alfonso.

In 2004, Gilberts starred in the episode "Alice in Wonderland" in the MTV Saleria anthology series Fairy Tale Magical Stories. She portrayed Princess Alice, is a young girl.

On November 3, 2018, she began hosting a N3ON.tv television music variety show Night At The Stages alongside Mexican violinist Miro Caballero.

Music and voice

Gilberts vocal type is a full lyric mezzo-soprano with a vocal range that spans three octaves from B3 to D6 in live performance. She's music is generally pop-rock and power ballad. As her career has been progressing, she has been experimenting with a large number of music genres. While her debut album with the Emperors was inspired by soft rock and hard rock, her subsequent records with the band opted for a dance-rock sound.


From 2013 to 2016, Gilberts also became the spokesperson for Mitsrecio and was featured in campaign's print ads and television commercials. They also appeared in commercials for Glico, Samsung, WaterClimax, Pepsi and Apple. Gilberts began appearing in Dior Beauty advertisements. She became a brand ambassador for the Sun Divine Drinks in March 2014.

Personal Life

In February 2007, she began dating Dutch-born British countertenor, actor and television personality Jean-Eduardo Sang. Gilbert and Sang, later announced their married at Church of Sheila-Chiba on January 11, 2009. They had two children Debora and Keith. On December 2, 2015, Gilbert announced via Facebook and Instagram. She has supported charities such as Animator Session Artisan in 2001. She has been practice to skateboard.


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Gilberts she has been 89 duets.


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