Missland 2 is a puzzle video game developed and published by Altron in Japan and published by Northwood Interactive in North America and Europe for the PlayStation. It was first released in Japan in November 1998, in North America in March 2000, and in Europe in 2000, and is a sequel to 1995's Missland.


Missland 2 is a puzzle game where the player compares scenes on the left and right and finds non-matching parts with a character. The gameplay is about moving the 3d screen using the d-pad and the zooms to find the errors between the images, when you center your character with the different object you press the X Button to get one of the errors. 

There is a time limit to solve each puzzle and there are different themes and images. 

The game got 3 game modes: 1 Player, 2 Player & Tournament (that is not playable at the beginning of the game). 


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See Northwood Interactive.

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