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North of the El Kadsreian Islands, Mixelia is a country in North America inspired by the Mixels series. Its population is approximately 208 million as of December 2021, given the hype from the Republic of Wilson, more specifically its capital.


The name comes from the first leader, Akane Ikazaki, which was a Mixel.


Independency, 1969

The Modern State of Mixelia was gained independency in 1969 after the Mixel leader at the time, Akane Ikazaki (Japanese: 赤ネ板座キ) voted for independency from the Republic of Wilson. The Mixels flourised while it remained in obscurity for some countries.

Nixel War, 2012-2015

The peace ended in 2012 when Nixels from the north west Mixelian islands started invading mainland Mixelia. This invasion ended in July 2015, when Wilsonian troops were sent to Mixelia and killed 200 of the 3 million Nixels living in the country. However, a few Republic of Wilson military members got confused with Mixels and Nixels, leading to 4 Mixels also killed in this invasion. The Nixels made peace with the Mixels in August of that year following the incident.

According to EagleWithATopHat: "That history is actually correct, the Nixels from the Northwest Island wanted to plan an invasion on Mixelia. Before the war broke out, the Nixels did the Mixelian Revolution in the Northwest Island. After the revolution is the Mixelian War, with Mixelia getting support from neighbouring countries (Goiky, United States, others), and the Nixels from the Northwest Island got support from some Pro-Nixel countries (Algeria, Kazakhstan, others) The war concluded on the 1st of March 2019, and the Nixels signed the treaty and their island became an autonomous state of Mixelia".

That comment is actually not correct, as many Mixelian citizens claim at least one of their friend (who was likely a Nixel) was killed during the raid.

Also, the comment mentions Goiky, which was destroyed by the Republic of Wilson years prior to the war.

Republic of Wilson also helped the Nixels for the war, preparing for the action. Other then that, other capitalist countries like Braceletville supported both the Nixels and the Mixels.

Big Hit, 2021-present

Since the Republic of Wilson hyped them up, thanks to Moosetown's existence, Mixelia grew in popularity in the begining of the year. It went from 22 milion up to 197 million in the span of 4 weeks. Mixelia also got attention from other countries. Fire's Breath, a band from the Republic of Wilson, also gave the country its own leg for the Fire's Breath: Just Got Real and The Longest One Yet concerts. The amount of Mixels (and Nixels) started going up also.

Life in Mixelia

Where to live?

If you were to live in urban areas, you'd likely live in a house/hotel in the downtown area or one of the suburbs.

If you were to live in a rural area, you'd get a good view if your house would be on a mountain.


Education in Mixelia, much like the Republic of Wilson's education branch, is limited, with legal education centers existing.

Ethnic groups/minorities

Half of Mixelia's population consists of Mixels/Nixels, a large portion is humane, and the remainder is mixed or another breed.

Ethnic minorities consist of Wilsonians and Mixelians, but more minorities exist, as they are scattered across the country.



Channels include theR, MixelTV, Rainbows, MTV Mixelia, ontv, IBS, SBS, and NBC among many others.

Format (recording)


Mixelia has access to the Republic of Wilson's VHS formats. Like the Republic of Wilson, NTSC-W has becane popular in Mixelia, leading to 3/4 of its population to use VHS.


DVD was used in Mixelia from 2014 up to 2021. DVDs for movies go back to 2015, and blank DVDs go back to 2013, before DVD became a hit. In July 2021 the last shipping to DVD was marketed toward MixMarket, a department store much like Walmart, and in September, the final blank DVDs and DVD players were released by Cainon.

Format (aspect ratio)

Mixelian television mainly uses 4:3, but just incase, they use 16:9 some times.


Mixelia, like other countries, is jampacked with cities. In northeast Mixelia Island, the largest and most populated being Mixel City, is displayed in red, meaning that the city is its capital. Up north is Moosetown, the 2nd largest city. Yes, there's a Mixelian city name after the Republic of Wilson's capital. In Nixel Island, in the northwest, the island houses Nixel City, and the smallest largest city in Mixelia, that being Murcox. Notice the blue area? That is Upcot Territory, owned by the Republic of Wilson.

Mixelia Remastered Map.png