Mixxi the Monkey is a fictional character who appears as the deuteragonist in the 1992 Kuboian animated series Alice in Wonderland, in which he is the main companion of Alice along with Fly the Firefly.

Mixxi's voice in the series is provided by Charlie Karma, who has reprised her role as him several times since the show came to an end. He was created for the series over fear that Alice being the only protagonist would be boring and limit the show's possibilities. Mixxi as a character has been met with mostly negative reception, and has been criticised as being pointless, annoying and prone to kidnapping.

Concept and creation

During production of Alice in Wonderland, it was agreed upon the employees of 32B Entertainment that having only one protagonist would limit what the team could do with the show, and would cause the show to become boring after a few episodes. Originally, the White Rabbit and the March Hare would serve as Alice's main companions, but it was decided that it would be better to make new characters.

Mixxi was created when it was decided Alice should have only one main companion - it was decided he should be a monkey as the original novel of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland did not have a significant monkey character. Originally, before it was decided that Mixxi would be a male, the character was called Dixxi - after deciding his gender, the D in his name was changed to an M in order to add alliteration into his official name.


Mixxi is a monkey with a humanoid appearance. He has light brown fur, though his face, ears, hands and feet are a pale colour.



Mixxi has a lot of personality traits that contradict those of Alice, as he is polite, quiet-spoken and often hesitates before performing actions. He is generally cheerful, though he does also have his moments of pessimism, and appears to have a low self-esteem. He typically enjoys humming, skipping and picking flowers (which he often gives to Alice).

Since Mixxi is a very delicate character, he gets scared very easily, typically in dark environments, and is often frightened by the villains on the show. Mixxi tries to hold back his fears in order to help Alice and company restore peace to Wonderland, though he has difficulty doing so.


Unlike Alice, Mixxi often has the tendency to hide or flee when he is under attack instead of fighting back. However, likely due to being a monkey, he is capable of climbing and swinging quickly, though he is not very fast on the ground. Mixxi has some control over his tail and can use it to grab and pull on certain light things, but not heavier objects.


As a character, Mixxi has received mostly negative reception. He has mostly been criticised as being an unnecessary addition to the show, who frequently gets kidnapped and usually does nothing but weigh down the remainder of the group. Many have also criticised Mixxi's relationship with Alice, as well as his romantic feelings for her, mostly on the ground since Alice is a human girl and Mixxi is a monkey.

In other media

Charlie Karma has reprised her role as Mixxi several times:

  • She reprised the role as the character in 2005 when he made a guest appearance (in costume form) on the television series Xuxa. However, Karma only provided the voice - it is unknown who was acting him physically.
  • She reprised the role as Mixxi again in 2006 for advertisments for King Buster's Carnival.
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