Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour (born June 8, 1962) is a Barokian singer and musician. He is the founder and lead singer of the hair metal band Sahar. He is also a member of the bands Ghadurq Boys and SII.


Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour was born in Bucharest, Romania to Barokian parents Jazzmin Abdel Nour and Anisur Rahman Abdel Nour, who were employed by United Press International. He grew up mainly in Barokia in the cities of Fusid City and A'dbel, but also spent time in various other cities worldwide.

Personal life

Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour has been married three times. In 1988, he met Sri Lankan fashion model Sunila Wickremasinghe at the 1988 Goodyear NASCAR 500. The two dated from 1989-1994, and married in 1995 in Damascus, Syria, giving birth to a son, Fazlil Erbab (b. 2000). During their marriage, Sunila tried out voice acting in Barokia at Joaquín Gabaz's request. The two divorced in 2004. In 2006, he re-married to El Kadsreian singer Koki Olajumoke, giving birth to two sons, DeeDee Abdel Nour (b. 2008) and Tanzania Abdel Nour (b. 2010), and a daughter, Sheegwa Abdel Nour (b. 2011). They divorced in 2013. In 2015, he re-married to Colombian-born Barokian voice actress Nafisa Ruqayya Bensaïd.

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