Moi is a French-language television network carried in association with public television stations created for the United States French-American market.


Moi was launched on March 19, 2003 with a stated mission to entertain, educate and inspire families in French with a mix of original productions, exclusive premieres, acquisitions, and French-dubbed versions of popular public television programs from PBS and American Public Television.

The channel was the first venture of the media production and distribution company Moi Television LLC: a joint-venture of French media company AB Groupe, Société Radio-Canada (the French unit of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), WGBH Educational Foundation (the owners of the Boston PBS affiliates WGBH-TV & WGBX-TV and the Springfield PBS affiliate WGBY-TV), and American Public Television.

Among the journalists who have worked for Moi include Julien-Joseph Bousquet, Ludovic D'Amboise, Cédrika Desjardins, Caroline Cerfbeer, Charles-Édouard Groenendijk, and Cyrille Courtois.

The children's brand Mini Moi was initially presented by the "Bande d'Mini": consisting of Jacques-Désiré Buljubašić, Emmanuelle Clérico, Christophe Charroin, Anne-Sophie Delcroix, Claude Bajolière, Françoise Hamdan, and Hubert Cloutier. In 2006, Françoise Hamdan left and was replaced by Ghyslaine Azaïs.

In 2006, Telemundo began providing French-dubbed versions of their programs to Moi, starting with the popular Caso Cerrado court program, dubbed in French as "Affaire fermée", with Marie-Line Landerwijn dubbing over Ana María Polo and with other dubbing participants being Frederik Haùgness and Jean-Michel Vovk.


The network broadcasts a variety of programming in French.

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