Below is a list of episodes of Mole Miner, an animated television series created for PBS by Phelan Morkel.

Pilot (2000)

No. overall No. in season Title Written by Directed by Original air date (PBS)
Pilot "He's Darren!" Phelan Morkel Jerry Popowich & Tetsuo Yasumi October 15, 2001
(as a "sneak peek")
Darren recalls his first day on the job to Thom.
Produced as the first pilot and was used to pitch the series to WNET

Season 1 (2001–02)

No. overall No. in season Title Written by Directed by Original air date (PBS)
1 1 "Get Back to Work!" Phelan Morkel Phelan Morkel November 5, 2001
Darren attempts to explain his idea on wages to Phillippe.
Produced as the second pilot and used for the original test audience screenings, hence why some voice actors aren't the same as usual.
2 2 "Oh Noah" Jeff Nimoy Shigeyasu Yamauchi November 6, 2001
Noah and Darren try to investigate strange noises coming from the maintenance closet.
3 3 "A Mailman's Lament" John M. Crowther Tatsuo Satō November 7, 2001
Vernon has issues with the mailman.
4 4 "Retitled Episode About A Bad Movie"
(original title: "Most Painfully Unfunny Comedy")
Deanna Oliver Tetsuo Yasumi November 8, 2001
Darren and Vernon have issues with a comedy film they just watched.
5 5 "So Boring" Jon Vitti Shigeyasu Yamauchi November 9, 2001
Darren tries to make the best of his day off.
6 6 "Seeds" Robert Alvarez Kent Butterworth November 10, 2001
Janin tries to help Darren with his garden. They end up creating a community garden for the mines.
7 7 "Act Out the Idea" Fred Ladd Tetsuo Yasumi November 11, 2001
Philippe and Darren work on a idea for the mine's expansion.
8 8 "Sharon the Mole Miner" Zac Moncrief Gisaburō Sugii & William Ross November 12, 2001
Sharon, Roddy's love interest, becomes a miner at Roddy's insistence.
9 9 "Darren's Parents" Dave Brockie Hiroki Takajima November 15, 2001
Darren's parents, a mole and beaver respectively, visit the mine, and Philippe has issues with them.
10 10 "Robespierre's Faire" Zac Moncrief Steven Dean Moore November 18, 2001
The mine holds a Renassiance Faire, with Philippe as the King.
11 11 "Who Could Know?" Phelan Morkel & Jeff Nimoy Steven Dean Moore November 19, 2001
Darren tries to figure out where diamonds come from, without knowing that they come from coal in the first place.
12 12 "Masterpiece Theatre" Charlie Ithers Makuo Nobiku & Azuta Obitozu November 24, 2001
Darren and Thom try to make a film together using Thom's old camera.
13 13 "Agony, Agony, Agony!!!" John M. Crowther Hiroki Takajima November 24, 2001
A mosquito infestation occurs in the mines.
14 14 "Escape to Brownie Mountain" Charlie Ithers Togokiba Asishi November 29, 2001
When Thom makes money selling brownies, Philippe competes.
15 15 "Dusty... in Court" Richard Robes Matāshi Makamobu December 1, 2001
Dusty is taken to court after he is accused of robbing Mike's Snacks.
16 16 "Crash" Deanna Oliver Tatsuo Satō December 5, 2001
Darren and Harry attempt to repair the Harr-a-mobile after a serious crash.
17 17 "Doctor, Mock-tor" John D. F. Black & Dave Brockie Fumio Matsumoto December 10, 2001
Darren develops the common cold and tries to seek medical help.
18 18 "The Hundred Dollar Enterprise" Phelan Morkel & Charlie Ithers Phelan Morkel & Shuganda Kamabōru December 16, 2001
When Kristina and Mike try to enter a restricted area of the mines, they find a chest filled to the brim with gold.
19 19 "OWL Online" Bob Buchholz & Deanna Oliver Joon-Sae Gwon December 17, 2001
The Phelworth Mining Co. hires Búho the owl to design their website. Darren ends up assisting in the end.
20 20 "Decisions, Decisions" Dave Brockie & Phelan Morkel Yoshitaka Koyama December 20, 2001
Darren goes camping for 12 days in Massachusetts, leading the mines having "auditions" for a temporary replacement.
21 21 "Christmas in the Rockies" Phelan Morkel, Deanna Oliver, & Robert Alvarez Fumio Matsumoto & Hiroki Takajima December 23, 2001
The show's first Christmas special: Darren and the rest of the gang celebrate Christmas in the Rockies.
Features the songs "The Christmas Anthem" performed by Tyrone Savage & Sterling Jarvis (written by Jacie Brisby & Barry Berlin), "We Wish You a Merry Christmas", "The 12 Days of Christmas", and "Deck the Halls"
22 22 "New Years' Day" John D. F. Black & Robert Alvarez Tatsuo Satō January 3, 2002
Darren tries to help clean the mines up after a New Years' party.
23 23 "Birthday Man" George L. Howard Kinoshi Awa & Chin Mae-ook January 6, 2002
The Phelworth Mining Co. celebrates Phil Cheese's birthday.
24 24 "Hotel" Derek Gum Neshu Okādāmo January 8, 2002
The Daga International Hotel undergoes a lockdown after an unarmed criminal enters the building.
25 25 "Boom Shack-A-Lack" Federico Carroll Kay Takahashi & Hiro Fumizuki January 10, 2002
Georgie moves from a shack near the mines to Darren's apartment
26 26 "The Get-Away Gang" Federico Carroll & Phelan Morkel Kuoba Hushi January 10, 2002
Toto, the criminal from "Hotel", returns to plan a heist at the mines.
27 27 "Saturday School" John M. Crowther Mamoru Kanbe & Naoto Fujikura January 12, 2002
Hollywood the rabbit helps Darren with organizing a mining academy in the Phelworth mines.
28 28 "Smelted" Deanna Oliver Gisaburō Sugii January 13, 2002
Philippe has to work out a deal with Dusty regarding the relationship between Phelworth Mining Co. and Dusty Smelting.
29 29 "Thom Takes A Nap" Jon Vitti & Fred Ladd Yoshitaka Koyama January 14, 2002
Thom tries to get a waterbed for his house with the help of Darren and Sharon.
30 30 "Fruit-Fight!" Fred Ladd Kent Butterworth & Hiroki Takajima January 16, 2002
Mike has issues getting fruit delivered to his bakery, leading to him running out of many of his menu items.
31 31 "Telethon!" Phelan Morkel Hiroki Takajima January 17, 2002
KMT 11 News holds a telethon to raise money for the mine's charitable arm.
32 32 "Crummy Little Friday" Jennifer K. Robinson Phelan Morkel & Gylene Everpark January 20, 2002
Thom's Friday is ruined by bad luck.
Features the song "Justice for the Rabbit" performed by 21 Networks, featured on The Mole Miner Album record from Kid Rhino and Thirteen Records.
33 33 "Americana" Alec Sulkin & John D. F. Black Marisuke Eguchi January 21, 2002
Philippe tells Thom and Sharon how he came from (Francophone) Belgium to the United States.
34 34 "Today Is a Good Day!" Phelan Morkel Toyoaki Nakajima January 22, 2002
Vernon tries to make the most of his day.
35 35 "Watership Up" Gylene Everpark Mitsuru Hongo January 22, 2002
Thom celebrates his birthday at the local family entertainment center.
36 36 "I Spy With My Little Eyes" K. Kessler Mitsuru Hongo January 25, 2002
Darren goes out on a reconnaissance mission in Idaho.
37 37 "The Rabbit's Best Bet" Phelan Morkel Joon-Sae Gwon January 27, 2002
Thom makes a bet on a horse race with Darren.
38 38 "I Lost My Jeopardy" John D. F. Black Hiroki Takajima January 27, 2002
Charlie thinks her cousin Kyle is mingling with an odd "club".
Guest starring Aaron Fechter as Billy Bob
39 39 "The Hanoi Rodeway Inn" Alec Sulkin Tetsuo Yasumi January 28, 2002
Dusty tells stories of his visit to Vietnam to Darren.
40 40 "3 Strikes, You're Out!" Phelan Morkel, K. Kessler and Gylene Everpark Hiroki Takajima February 1, 2002
The miners go on strike, and Darren and Phillipe end up becoming middle men between the strikers and the mine company.

Season 2 (2002–03)

No. overall No. in season Title Written by Directed by Original air date (PBS)
41 1 "Guilherme, Your Oar-Man" Deanna Oliver Hiroki Takajima June 5, 2002
Darren goes out on a kayaking trip with Guilherme, the CEO of the Phelworth Mining Co., and Philippe.
42 2 "Going Squirrelly" Deanna Oliver Gylene Everpark June 5, 2002
Charlie takes her little sister Bannister and her cousin Kyle to visit the mines.
43 3 "Wonder" C.C. Jones-Parker Gylene Everpark & Amy Chu June 6, 2002
After the Phelworth Mining Co.'s website is hacked, Philippe decides to search for the hacker.
44 4 "Baa?" Drew Kenneth Shown Marisuke Eguchi June 8, 2002
Noah gets into a dispute with Randy, the lamb cook of the mines.
45 5 "Home Is Where the Heart Is" Erin Capress & Robert Black Ikioto Dakawan June 8, 2002
Thom's cousin Takana from Japan decides to move to the Rockies to get a job at the mines.
46 6 "The Super-Miners" K. Kessler, Diego Evelos, and Mark Britique Kōboto Tiakada June 8, 2002
Thom's niece writes a story in which the mines' workers are superheroes.
Features the songs "Power Hour" performed by Nickels 'n' Dimes and "Gates of Steel (Devo Cover)" by Road 2 Nowhere, featured on the Mole Miner 2+3 record from Kid Rhino and Thirteen Records.
47 7 "Saturday Night" John D. F. Black and K. Kessler Yoshitaka Fujimoto June 10, 2002
Darren and his friends spend a night on the town.
Features the song "When the Lights Go Out (Radio Edit)" by Five, featured on the Mole Miner 2+3 record from Kid Rhino and Thirteen Records (courtesy of BMG Records).
48 8 "On with the Show!" Janos Schoonmaker Yoshitaka Fujimoto June 11, 2002
Darren forms a cover band with several of his buddies, named Doak Walker Orchestra.
49 9 "Remember Her?" Janos Schoonmaker & K. Kessler Mamoru Kanbe June 11, 2002
Sammy tries to find her old friend from childhood, Alicia-Jane.
50 10 "The One Where Thom Reunites with His Childhood Friends" George L. Howard Yukiyoshi Hane June 12, 2002
Thom attends a middle school reunion with Darren.

Features the song "Go For It (Graham Gouldman Cover)" by Screaming Yellow Players, featured on the Mole Miner 2+3 record from Kid Rhino and Thirteen Records (Screaming Yellow Players appear courtesy of Maverick)

51 11 "Snap!" Jennifer K. Robinson, Janos Schoonmaker, and Fred Ladd Masami Suda June 13, 2002
Hollywood, Thom's swamp rabbit friend, tries to go out on a date with Kristina Kim Snappy.
52 12 "What Did You Say?" Matt Shaw & David Alan Eung Yuko Kanatama June 14, 2002
Takana starts writing her own magazine, The Takana Journal, in which she publishes gossip about her friends.
53 13 "That Bat Girl" Story by: Chiara Zanni

Written by: Matt Shaw

Gylene Everpark June 15, 2002
Sammy organizes a night out with Alicia-Jane and her friends.
54 14 "The All-American Rally Race" Story by: J. Elvis Weinstein
Written by: John M. Crowther & Deanna Oliver
Marisuke Eguchi June 17, 2002
The cast participate in a rally race south of the mines.
55 15 "For The Glory of the Mines" Phil Mendez Gylene Everpark June 18, 2002
Darren runs for the local representative of the Selective Service System.
56 16 "The Great Play" Steven Chai & Spencer Mao Gylene Everpark June 19, 2002
Thom decides to write a musical for the North Rockies Theater.
57 17 "And Another Thing" Gylene Everpark Yoshitaka Koyama July 5, 2002
Darren and Doak Walker Orchestra hold their first public concert.
Guest starring James Hetfield as James Hedgehog and Steve Dahl as himself.
58 18 "Going Nowhere" Story by: Phelan Morkel

Written by: Jennifer K. Robinson & Gylene Everpark

Amy Chu July 6, 2002
Thom goes on a trip to Idaho to visit his relatives.
59 19 "Enter Mr. Sandman" Story by: Phelan Morkel
Written by: Gylene Everpark
Kent Butterworth August 18, 2002
Darren has to organize a meeting between the mining company and a sand mining mogul from Wyoming.
60 20 "Stars on 44½" Story by: Phelan Morkel
Written by: Dave Brockie & Robert Fauser
Masami Suda September 5, 2002
Doak Walker Orchestra attempt to self-record and self-release their first record.
61 21 "We Did Start the Fire (Unintentionally)" Deanna Oliver Marisuke Eguchi September 10, 2002
Darren decides to venture with Sharon to a Billy Joel concert.
Guest starring Billy Joel as himself, Corey Hart as Billy Joel's piano technician, Yo-Yo Ma as himself, and T-Boz as herself
62 22 "The Rainbow Squad" Gylene Everpark & Kath Alagram Amy Chu September 18, 2002
Nancy makes her own comic book.

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