The 'Monarchy of Minecraftia' (Japanese: 鉱山国の君主制; Hepburn: 'Kōzan-koku no Kunshu-sei') is the core of Minecraftia's governmental structure. The current reigning monarch is Queen Hayashi, who has been reigning since 2005. Her son, Crown Prince Tetsuo, is the heir apparent.

The monarchy originated in the 17th century when Queen Marisa founded the royal family as an absolute monarchy. The King and Queen's birthdays are considered national holidays.

Marriage traditions

Over the course of the three centuries that the monarchy has been around for, Minecraftian monarchs usually appointed a chief nobleman or woman, rather than just keeping a harem of male/female attendants. Monarchs usually took men and women from the Kozankyo area as king/queen consorts before Minecraftia became a constitutional monarchy. After the transition, the limited area was North and South Horudika.

Usually, women who marry into the Minecraftian Royal Family were required to have very long hair that extends all the way down to her legs, as with all queens, whether they are ruling or as consort. As a result of the aftermath of the Cold War, the law was repealed in 1989, and the current monarch, Queen Hayashi, became the first crown princess to marry a consort from outside the previous eligible circles.

List of Monarchs

No. Name Lifespan Reign Note(s)
1 Marisa Kirisame July 10, 1671 - January 31, 1752

&1000000000000008000000080 years, &10000000000000205000000205 days

January 2, 1703 - January 31, 1752

&1000000000000004900000049 years, &1000000000000002900000029 days

Founder of the monarchy.
2 King Kichou September 29, 1704 - December 30, 1787

&1000000000000008300000083 years, &1000000000000009200000092 days

January 31, 1752 - December 30, 1787

&1000000000000003500000035 years, &10000000000000333000000333 days

First male monarch.
3 Queen Ayumi February 25, 1727 - April 13, 1804

&1000000000000007700000077 years, &1000000000000004800000048 days

December 30, 1787 - April 13, 1804

&1000000000000001600000016 years, &10000000000000105000000105 days

4 Queen Mirai December 12, 1761 - February 6, 1833

&1000000000000007100000071 years, &1000000000000005600000056 days

April 13, 1804 - August 9, 1831

&1000000000000002700000027 years, &10000000000000118000000118 days


Orders of succession

  • Unknown father (birth date unknown)

Historical orders of succession

King Kenjirou Era (1963 - 1982)

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