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'Mr. & Mrs. Takajima ' (Japanese: 高島夫妻, Hepburn: Takashima fusai) is a 2015 Anime Atrocities short film written and directed by Susumu Takajima and co-written by Kagami Ochiai, with the screenplay written by Susumu. The film stars Susumu and Ochiai as themselves playing as a bored upper-middle-class married couple surprised to learn that they are assassins belonging to competing agencies and that they have been assigned to kill each other. The film is a spoof of the 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which was loosely based on the short-lived 1996 CBS show of the same name.

The film was released on YouTube on June 10, 2015, in honor of the original film's 10th anniversary.



Characters Japanese VA English VA
Mr. Takajima Susumu Takajima
Mrs. Takajima Kagami Ochiai Jen Taylor