Mr. Driller is a Japanese-American animated television series adapted from the anime series of the same name. It was produced by Drillimation USA Inc. and distributed by The Program Exchange. All 120 episodes of the original series were adapted into 110 episodes for syndication.


  • Martin Berger as Taizo Hori, aka Dig Dug, a "Driller" who's a construction worker by day and superhero by night.

Production and development

Donald F. Glut and Fred Ladd worked with the Japan-based writers Nicky Chew, Cristopher Browning and David Stenhouse and the Drillimation USA Inc.-hired writers Chuck Lorre, Cherie Wilkerson, Buzz Dixon, Tom Wyner, Christy Marx, and Stanley Ralph Ross to rewrite episodes of the original Mr. Driller anime series for American television. Romeo Muller was brought onboard as Creative Director and was frequently flown in from New York City for this purpose. Haim Saban and Shuki Levy were brought in to record an all-new music score. The voice acting was recorded by Canadian actors in Toronto under the supervision of Rob Kirkpatrick.

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