'Mr. Driller Online' (Japanese: ミスタードリラーオンライン; Hepburn: 'Misutā Dorirā Onrain') was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Drillimation Studios in conjunction with Electronic Arts. The game was published by Namco and Electronic Arts and was launched in 1998. A broadband internet connection is required to play, and works with any ISP and modem. A mobile version was released in 2009.

Upon release, the game was met with positive reception from PC players. In 2012, the game's servers were shut down by Electronic Arts due to their contract with Drillimation expiring. By the time the game had shut down, the game had garnered more than 30 million players worldwide. After the game was shut down, fans across the globe ran their own servers in order to prevent the game from being abolished.


Mr. Driller Online takes place in various locations seen in The Drillimation Series, such as Gensokyo or the Lucky Star Kingdom. Players take control of a user-created anime-style avatar and create a character by selecting pre-approved names from a drop-down menu, dress their character in virtual clothing used in the games and anime, and have them walk around in an environment. Players also create a world and can decorate it with all kinds of blocks and furniture. Players can chat with players, play minigames, or do other things.

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