This is a Korean name; the family name is Mun.

Mun Da-Hyun (born Park Da-Hyun on September 24, 1988) is a Korean-Roiyaruian author and illustrator who currently resides in the province of Watsuji. She is married to illustrator Mun Heon-woo and they have one child together, a daughter named So-hyun.

Early life

Da-Hyun was born on September 24, 1988 to two Korean parents in Seoul, where she lived for most of her life. She was raised alongside two sisters named Ji-soo and Sun-hwa, of which she was the youngest. Da-Hyun was always a very quiet person and began writing and illustrating at a very young age. Da-Hyun and her siblings were all homeschooled by their father. The family grew up in a suburban-rural area in Seoul, which was mostly quiet.

Aside from writing and illustrating, she began to partake in her sisters' interests, which she ended up enjoying. She would play soccer with Ji-soo, and tennis with Sun-hwa. Ironically, Da-Hyun did not want to partake in any sports programs, as she preferred playing sports with her sisters. When she was 14, Da-Hyun designed the cover for her first book, The Adventures of Hana, but didn't publish it until she was 21. When she published it, it was very popular among pre-teens and teenagers. In 2008, Da-Hyun moved to Nishiyama to pursue her dreams of being an author/illustrator. 

Personal life

Not long after moving to Nishiyama, she met a man named Mun Heon-woo at a department store in Watsuji. They became good friends and had their first date at a local cafe. They got married in 2010, and had their first child, a daughter they named So-hyun in July of that same year.


  • The Adventures of Hana, published 2009
  • Gone Fishing, published 2011
  • Double Rainbow, published 2013
  • I'm Friends With A Bear!, published 2015
  • The Girl With A Big Heart, published 2017
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