Musical Howls is American animated adult black comedy musical web series created by Joel Burmer. The series is about a 19-year-old werewolf woman named Gwen Lobo who lives in a town called Howlsbury populated by werewolves simply known as Wolves.

Three trailers were posted on Burmer's YouTube channel Burning Halo on November 2, 2019; November 5, 2019; and November 8, 2019. The series premiered on February 1, 2020 with an episode titled "Neighbor War".


In the fictional town of Howlsbury, which populated by werewolves—simply known as Wolves—lives a 19-year-old werewolf woman named Gwen Lobo. Gwen lives in the Honors Hotel due to her father, James Lobo, owning the hotel.


Joel Burmer got the idea for the Musical Howls from an image of a singing werewolf girl he drew in 2018. He then thought it would be funny to put the picture into motion, and posted a four-second animation based on the image. He posted the animation on Twitter.

Later, he created a few more characters based on werewolves he drew in a sketchbook. He tore out the drawings, pinned them to his bedroom wall. A day later, he wrote their names on sticky notes and placed them on the drawings; Burmer came up with Kristina Lobo, James Lobo, and Lauren Lobo.


The first trailer for Musical Howls, titled "Room Service", was uploaded on November 2, 2019 on YouTube and The trailer was also shown in Screening Room 7 at CEWS 2019 on Day 2. The trailer gained lots of attention on YouTube and at CEWS, with the convention's second screening room being filled when the trailer played.

A second trailer called "Wolf Sounds" was posted on YouTube and on November 5, 2019, and was posted again two hours later on Burning Halo's Twitter profile, along with "Room Service".

The final trailer, titled "Singing Again", was posted in November 8, 2019.


Main characters

  • Gwen Lobo (voiced by Kath Sades; singing voice by Jenny Pirkin) – The main character of the series and the daughter of James Lobo—the owner of the Honors Hotel—and his wife, Lauren Lobo. Gwen is an aspiring author who is a student at a college called Howlsland University.
  • James Lobo (voiced by Steven Scann; singing voice by Johnny Argita) – A multibillionaire who owns the Honors Hotel and is the father of Gwen Lobo.
  • Lauren Lobo (voiced by June Allenman) – Gwen's mother and the mate of James Lobo.

Supporting characters

  • Kristina Howles (voiced by Liv Lynn Lareph) – A 17-year-old girl who lives across the street from Gwen. Kristina goes to a college called Klaw University.
  • Benjamin "Ben" Howles (voiced by Parker Jon; singing voice by Arthur Evers) — The father of Kristina Howles. He is a worker for the Howlsland government
  • Helen Angela Howles (voiced by Harley Jienna) – The mother of Kristina Howles and the wife of Ben Howles.
  • Chloe Alice "Lady Alice" le Loup (voiced by Gina Artu) – An actress who has starred in various films.

Recurring characters

  • Ryan "Jiggy" Pawe (voiced by Craig Allun) – A rich rapper who is legally blind.


No. in season No. overall Title Written by Directed by Original upload date
1 1 "Neighbor War" Charlie Mill Joel Burmer February 2, 2020
Lauren and Helen have a fight to see who is the best wife.
2 2 "It's a Wonky World" Story by: Joel Burmer & Alan Newe
Script by: Charlie Mill & Steven Happ
Joel Burmer & Alexander Wytz February 3, 2020
When millionaire Jeff Growl orders for a new film scene at the Honors Hotel and Gwen's meetings with Kristina get interrupted, the two protest.
3 3 "Hot Shot" Steven Happ Scott Alzy & Alexander Wytz February 4, 2020
Gwen falls in love with a boy who has deceiving charms.
4 4 "The Real People" Story by: Joel Burmer & Baxter Sunn
Script by: Steven Happ
Alexander Wytz February 5, 2020
A failing reality show gets higher ratings when Jiggy appears on an episode.
5 5 "Sexy Figures" Charlie Mill Alexander Wytz February 6, 2020
When Gwen and Kristina dance at a televised talent show wearing skimpy outfits, the two get in trouble with their parents.
6 6 "A Tale of Two Fishes and the End of a Market" Story by: Joel Burmer
Script by: Steven Happ & Greg Hazzut
Scott Alzy February 7, 2020
After two workers at a local market fight over whether salmon or tuna is better, the shoppers get into a big fight.
7 7 "Just Like You" Steven Happ, Greg Hazzut, and Charlie Mill Joel Burmer & Scott Alzy February 7, 2020
Gwen befriends a blind girl.


The show has received negative reviews, including a 4.1/10 rating on FanPizza. Alejandro Juan Mánejo of Internet News called it "the worst musical series ever produced."[1]


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