Muze is an El Kadsreian pay TV channel based in El Kadsre City. It is owned by Banushen Media Corporation, Muze Media Entertainment and El TV Kadsre Television Network. The channel is targeted to youth audiences with music video as its primary content. It was launched on May 1, 1995 as a stand-alone 24-hour music channel on cable and satellite. Muze is notable for showing the lyrics as the music video plays which was adapted from video karaoke, a popular past-time in Asia and El Kadsre. Since 1998, Muze has given the annual Muze Music Awards to the most influential personalities in the El Kadsreian music industry. Its the leading 24-hour music channel in El Kadsre.


The channel was founded by a DJ Kenny Sato. Muze was able to gain significant audience compared to the channel's main competitors such as MTV. Since then, Muze became the number one music channel in El Kadsre.


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Home media releases

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List of VJs

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