My ET1 is a Euro Republican streaming service owned by EuroMedia.


In December 2019, EuroMedia announced it would discontinue Viaplay and Viafree on July 18th, and be replaced by My ET1, which would include movies, series, originals, live and on demand sports, live TV and short-form content, from streaming services like HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Gradient, Polygon, El TV Plus and Disney+. It would also include both free and paid tiers. This would bring the Euro Republican streaming race down to it and Netfilx. It officaly launched on July 18, and quickly became the number one streaming service in the country.


My ET1 offers an ad-supported free version, along with paid tiers

Classic tiers

Tier name Price HD 4K HDR Rental TV channels streamable
Free N/A (free) Yes (720i) No No Yes DTT channels from EuroMedia
Starter €3 Yes (1080i) No Yes Yes A selection of pay channels from EuroMedia
Full Boost €5 Yes (1080i) Yes Yes Discount Every pay channel of EuroMedia

Pick and mix options (all include live streaming)

  • Series + Movies (€0.50)
  • Sports (€0.50)
  • Kids (€0.50)
  • Extra (adds 4K and HDR, discount on rentals) (€1)
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