My Life as a Teenage Robot: Return of Vexus is a 2015 live-action computer-animated film. It is the third and final film in the My Life as a Teenage Robot film series, and is the sequel to My Life as a Teenage Robot: XJ-10, which is also a sequel to the first film, My Life as a Teenage Robot: The Movie, which is based off of the hit Nickelodeon series, My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Unlike the previous two films, the film received negative reviews from critics, who criticized Kevin Daniels not reprising his role as Tucker, the use of one-episode characters (Wisteria, Glenn & Snarus), and it's unnecessary use of explosions in most scenes. Despite this, the film still had a moderate box office success, and was slightly praised because of its use for Roger Sanchez's UK #1 hit, Another Chance in one of the scenes.

The film is dedicated to Karol Smythe's daughter, Alicia Smythe, who played Wisteria Wakeman in the movie and died shortly before the film's official release.


2 months after the last film, Jenny discovers that her mother and creator, Noreen Wakeman has a sister, Wisteria Wakeman, who is more interested in New Ageism than science like Nora, and that Vexus and the Cluster army have returned one more time to take revenge on XJ-9 for defeating them in the first film, and now, Jenny, Nora, Wisteria, Wisteria's son, Glenn, and the Silver Shell now must work together to fight back Vexus and defeat her once and for all, but will Nora and Wisteria finally get along after a life-long feud with each other? Will Sheldon's secret ever be revealed to Jenny?


Taking place 2 months after the second film, Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman starts to worry that her mother, Noreen Wakeman might shut her down due to a lack of chaos in the past two months, but her worries then calm down after her mother tells her that she won't shut her down and that eventually chaos will ensue in the future. Later, Jenny begins to fall more for the Silver Shell, Sheldon's robot disguise rather than Sheldon himself, and asks him out to the dance. While Jenny looks around in the basement for a dance dress (despite the fact that she's a robot), she finds some photos of Noreen upset over a mysterious woman winning a contest, Nora tells XJ-9 that the photos were old photos taken of her and Wisteria, one of Wakeman's old friends.


When they arrive at Wisteria's hidden home in the middle of nowhere, they are nearly shot down by Wisteria and her plant monster son, Glenn. They miss the shot, but when Jenny notices a white-out strip on her contact card, she removes it to find her last name to be, "Wakeman", just like Nora's. This surprises both Jenny and Glenn, as they never knew they were related in the first place, despite this, Wisteria and Nora are still fighting each other.


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