My Life as a Teenage Robot: The Movie is an American-Canadian live action-computer animated comedy science fiction film based on the Nickelodeon series of the same name. It was the first film ever released by Viacom's MTNick Pictures label. The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the acting and soundtrack, while others criticizing the film's plot to be a re-take on the first episodes. Despite this, the film received positive reviews from fans of both the show and Nickelodeon, with some praising it's use for Danish rockabilly group, Cartoons' cover of Ross Bagdasarian's Witch Doctor in one of the scenes. The film is set in a universe non-canon to the original series, otherwise known as the MLaaTR movie universe.


Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman (Ciara Baxton), an teenager-like robot built to be protector of the Earth, comes into contact with two human teenagers, Brad and Tuck Carbunkle, and begins to know what life is like outside of her overprotective mother and creator, Noreen Wakeman's (Karol Smythe) home without saving the world involved. However, the fun is short-lived when Vexus, leader of an alien race known as the Cluster, plans on taking over the world, and Jenny must stop Vexus's plans before it is too late.


In the year 2072 in the city of Tremorton, two brothers, Bradley "Brad" and Tucker "Tuck" Carbunkle, are leaving their schools on the first day of summer break, and begin by playing Baseball together at an empty stadium after Tuck's baseball game. However, Tuck hits the ball into their neighbor, Noreen "Nora" Wakeman's home, and Brad sends him out to get it. While inside, Tuck encounters a friendly robot girl, later revealed to be XJ-9, Tuck runs out of the house without the baseball afraid and trips on a staircase. XJ-9, or Jenny Wakeman's creator and mother Nora, walks into her room explaining the rules and claiming that her existence should not be known by any other humans, including teenagers. Jenny doesn't want to comply to most of the rules, and wants to have friends and fit in like every normal teenager in the city. Her mother understands, but claims that she'll get used to it when she gets older. Later that night, Brad sneaks into Jenny's room through the window and is caught by her. Surprised to have met a real human teenager, they instantly become friends and share many things in common like the music they listen to, their social media status, and how they prefer to have real friends.

The next day, Brad sneaks into Jenny's room in the morning again with Tucker and asks if they want to hang out. Jenny checks the Crisis Control Center for any major trouble, and the monitors say that there will be no danger for the next eight hours. Tuck comes along only because Brad is with him. After two hours of outdoor activities, they decide to go to the mall, but Jenny claims that her mom told her not to make any contact with the human population. Brad helps her out by giving her a disguise and a wig to help blend in, along with opening her own checking account at the bank with her mom's funds. After having a lot of fun in the mall by eating burgers, riding rollercoasters, buying custom jackets at a screen printer store, and taking photos in a photo booth, they decide to go to one more place in the mall, the arcade. Jenny's wig is flown off her head while playing a dancing game. Scared about what she has done, she flies out of the building through the roof, not knowing the many people cheering her on afterwards. Jenny is later seen sitting on top of a building in shame over what she has done, with Tuck coming to try and apologize to her. However, Jenny notices a ship approaching the planet and flies off towards it, inadvertently bringing Tuck along with her unnoticed. In space, while examining the ship, she discovers an alien robot race known as the Cluster, who are planning to take over the Earth, and is knocked out and captured by one of the guards.

She wakes up in a cell locked in electric cuffs, and on a monitor, she meets Vexus, queen and leader of the Cluster, who reminds her that in three hours, the Cluster will take over Earth, and she will stay imprisoned during that time with Tuck. Jenny breaks free from her cuffs using her lasers, along with Tuck. Tuck finally apologizes to Jenny about assuming her to be a "hideous bloodthirsty robot", and Jenny forgives her. While making their escape, they are caught by the Cluster guards and later Vexus, only to escape through the window and fight all around Tremorton, with the mayor, Dean Richardson (Daryl Keith Roach) and everyone in the city witnessing the battle. Just when Jenny is about to be defeated by Vexus, encouragement from Brad and Tuck helps her regain her strength and punches Vexus into her ship back in space, taking out the central core and defeating Vexus and the Cluster.

The people in Tremorton cheer Jenny on for her heroics, including Tuck. The fun, however, is deemed short-lived when Nora Wakeman, having found out about Jenny's recent activities, is angry at her and claims that she will wipe everyone's memory of her existence and dismantle her permanently. However, Dean recognizes Nora from one of her front-cover magazine appearances, and realizes that XJ-9 is one of her creations. The rest of the people who have encountered her claim that she has done nice things to them, and when her disguise was taken off, they cheered her on. Nora, realizing what everyone means, apologizes to XJ-9 and claims that she was afraid no one would accept her for who she is. Jenny is later praised as a hero to the world and is granted official human privileges like the ability to go to school. 3½ months later, at Tremorton High School, Brad comes to Jenny's locker and praises her for what she has done over the past months, while the Crust cousins, Brit and Tiffany, claim that she's nothing but a hunk of metal who just had beginner hero's luck. During class, a giant spider-like creature attacks the school, and Jenny flies off to defeat it.

In a mid-credits scene, it is revealed that Vexus and the Cluster survived the crash and have deemed XJ-9 public enemy number one on Cluster Prime, with Vexus vowing revenge on her one day.



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Differences from the original series

  • The designs in the movie are different than the one in the series, in the series, the style had a retro-future theme, while the movie has more of a semi-futuristic setting to fit in with its live-action nature.
  • The film takes place during Summer vacation, while in the first 4 episodes of the series, it took place during school months.
  • Brad and Tucker now play baseball together like in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot, while in the first episode of the series, Tucker plays baseball by himself.
  • Noreen has a brief conversation with Bradley and Tucker like in the pilot, but doesn't lie about knowing baseball or mentions XJ-9, while in the first episode of the series, she silently stares at Brad until he says that he's going to leave now..
  • Noreen explaining the rules to Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman is a mix of her original speech in the OY!C pilot and the first episode of the series.
  • No meteors are involved in the plot of the film albeit a mention of Jenny being forced to stop C-type meteors by her mom and the Crisis Control Center, unlike the first episode of the series.
  • Jenny and Brad now meet each other at night, and Jenny meets Tucker correctly the next day, unlike in the first episode of the series.
  • Instead of Jenny going out to destroy a meteor she goes to the mall with Brad and Tucker, albeit in a disguise.
  • Jenny's existence being revealed to the public is different in the film. In the original series, she is fully revealed to the public after she stops an out of control Ferris Wheel, while in the movie, she is revealed after her wig falls off at an arcade in the mall.
  • Jenny discovers the Cluster and meets Vexus in the movie, while in Season 1 of the series, she discovers the Cluster in one episode, and meets Vexus sometime before Hostile Makeover.
  • Jenny is granted official human rights in the movie, including the ability to go to school, unlike in the series where her mother allows her to go to school.


Jenny's design as seen in the movie

The first trailer for the film premiered during San Diego Comic-Con 2010, and was uploaded online two months later, the trailer featured French house duo, Justice's song DVNO, and received positive reviews from fans, who also praised the new design of Jenny in the movie, claiming that while the design was redone to be a little realistic, it still kept the charm of the original series.

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On December 7, 2010, Paramount announced a deal with McDonald's to distribute toys in their Happy Meal products to promote the movie's release. The toys were introduced in the Happy Meals on April 1, 2011, and ended production and distribution on May 31, 2011, exactly four days before the film's premiere.


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A theatrical sequel, My Life as a Teenage Robot: XJ-10, was released in 2013.


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