Núria Artiñano (born February 4, 2001) is a Heartlakian-born Puerto Changuese singer, voice actress, and film & television actress currently represented by the International Heart company.

She does the voice of Sheegwa in the original Puerto Changuese Spanish version of Sagwa on the Go! and the voice of Trixie on the original Puerto Changuese Spanish version of The Heathcliff & Riff-Raff Show. She is the current Spanish voice of Konata Izumi in Drillimation media.


She was born as Ксения Тилйтилй-Бриттержи in Heartlake. Her mother, Вирлиа Тилйтилй was a Heartlakian-Amedisan singer and actress, and her father, Марц Бриттержи is an Amedisan former high schooler and current soccer player who currently plays with Kvikk Lunsj Shamrocks Nuevo Fitchburg in the Puerto Changuese Liga PC. Вирлиа refused to have an abortion, so she chose to put the baby up for adoption in France, due to it not being safe for the baby to be put up for adoption in the Nuclear Islands due to an ongoing war between the Island of Sally and Amedisa.

She was adopted by Puerto Changuese parents, Øivind Hæstad-Artiñano and Xóchitl Artiñano. Her stepfather is of Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, and British descent and her stepmother is of Equatoguinean, Venezuelan, Cuban, Brazilian, and Mexican descent. Her stepfather plays with Kvikk Lunsj Shamrocks Nuevo Fitchburg, the same team as her biological father.

In 2005, her stepparents taught her that she was someone else's child and she lives with them for her safety.

In 2009, she reunited with her biological father during a Kvikk Lunsj Shamrocks practice in Figgelmünch.

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