New Kasukabe Television (NKTV) (Japanese: ニューカスカベテレビ Nyūkasukabeterebi) is a Japanese-language terrestrial television network in YinYangia. It is owned by the State Government of New Kasukabe, which in turn is owned by the Government of YinYangia.


On January 1, 1975, New Kasukabe's state government announced that they will launch their own public television network in Japanese. At the time, Japanese people in YinYangia watched television channels from Japan via satellite.

In 1980, the Toralaqian Government allowed New Kasukabe to establish a public television network that will not only cover all of New Kasukabe, but will also cover all of YinYangia. On July 31, 1981, New Kasukabe Television was established, with the launch of their main station, YNKT-8, in Caifuzhicheng. Soon, the network expanded to other cities in New Kasukabe.

In order to compete with NKTV, TBC launched TBC Nippon, a Japanese-language satellite and cable channel, in 1984, but it was not as successful as NKTV. TBC Nippon was a failure and was soon closed down three years later, but was later relaunched as Nippon Channel in 2000, by NTVC.

NKTV mainly aired programming from NHK and Nippon TV. Even after the dissolution of the Toralaq Republic, NKTV still retained its original name.

In 2003, NTVC planned to acquire NKTV, but was soon scrapped, since the state government rejected the plan, same went with Xiang's XCT. They updated their look in 2007, and started making original programming, mainly educational.

In 2009, the channel mainly focused on educational programs, and planned to shift all entertainment programs to another channel, so NKTV+ was launched. NKTV Plus usually airs Japanese dramas and anime.

As of 2020, the channel only airs educational programs.


The channel mainly airs Japanese educational and news programs to the Japanese diaspora in YinYangia.

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