The National Radio-Television Agency (NRTA) is an independent agency of the government of El Kadsre that regulates communications via radio stations and terrestrial television circuits and channels in the country. The agency formed on May 6, 1974. From 1995-2018, it was led by Chairman Terrence MacGregor (of the El Kadsreian Tory Party from 1990-2000 and the El Kadsreian Catholic Peoples Party from 2000-2018), the agency's most notable chairman. Currently it is led by Chairman Linda Sakano of the Independent El Kadsreians party.

Media policy

After the 1999 Supreme Court case NRTA v. EKRS—which spawned when then-current EKRS Sports co-anchor, Peter Bartley, used the word "shit"—the agency decided that all radio and television would be banned from using obscene language (however, television station circuits such as KadsreTV were exempt due to the wording of the court decision). In 2018, the agency's TV & radio ban on uncensored profanity was lifted after the Supreme Court case People of El Kadsre v. NRTA declared the ban unconstitutional. The case led to Terrence MacGregor's resignation and later suicide.

Prior to 2010, the agency also banned graphic violence and nudity from free-to-air television. These bans were declared unconstitutional in the lawsuit Matthews v. NRTA and lifted, but only for the watershed hours.

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