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    Nabia (Nabish: Nabistan), officially the Islamic Republic of Nabia (Nabish: Le Rebubliki Islamiq de Nabistan), is an island country located under Pakistan. Nabia has the highest tourist population in the world, where 92 million travel to each year, 35% of which decide to stay.


Nabia comes from nabi meaning prophet.


Nabia was settled by many cultures, all being Muslim. The country has been, and still is, an independent country since its founding.


Main article: List of sekinas in Nabia

Nabia is divided into sekinas, which is much like states and provinces.

Islamic law enforcement

Islamic laws are enforced in Nabia. Sins in Islam are illegal there (for example, being nude, like wearing bikinis etc, though ironically crop tops are legal). Citizens are supposed to be confirmed Muslim, including foreigners who plan to live there.


According to the last census taken in early 2021, the largest ethnic group are the Nabians, who happen to take up 50.9% of the population. The second largest are the Americans, who take up 20% of the population. They are evenly split through whites and multiracial people, 10% of which are white and 10% are multiracial. Arabs and Turks share 3rd place which both are 10%. Indonesians take up 4% while Spaniards/Hispanics take the same amount, and others take up 2%.


Nabish culture is unique but still follows Islamic rules and traits.


Anime, cartoons, games, music and more have all shaped Nabia's popular culture. Shows such as Detective Conan and Doraemon constantly do very well in ratings, and American ones like SpongeBob do too.

Popular culture has, and still is also being impacted by robots. Code names or weird robotic-sounding ones are used as stage names. Shows have been made about it and #robot is always trending on Youtube or Rakii.

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