Nakiro (Japanese: ナキロ; Nakiro) (Arabic: ناكيرو; nakyru) is a country in the southern El Kadsreian Islands located off the coast of Ahmara and borders with Spanish Nakiro.

In the country, the president reports to the emperor, who has more authority than the president, and all law bills and related material must be submitted to the emperor before being made law, as with Faricia.


Nakiro was colonized by Japan in the 1850s, decades after colonizing El Kadsre. French Ahmara annexed Nakiro after winning the war against the Japanese and the Nakirian separatists in 1885. Ahmara hold onto Nakiro until it broke away from Ahmara in 1955. During most of its independence, the elections were a two-party system that have the pro-royalist (wanted the monarchy to have more power than the president) and anti-royalist (wanted the president to have more power than the monarchy) factions. During the Cold War, the US, and Nakiro feared that the anti-royalists will establish a communist regime in Nakiro, so before the 1985 Nakirian presidential election, the CIA assassinated the NCP candidate for the 1985 Nakirian presidential election; Ronrol Tonwosul, because the US fears that he was a very strong candidate and will successfully override and overturn the monarchy of Nakiro.


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