'''Namcadius: Comical Shooting''' (Japanese: ナムケディウス コミカルシューティング; Hepburn: 'Namukediusu Komikaru Shūtingu') was an upcoming PC game developed by independent developer Namcokid47. The game was a Namco-themed version of the Gradius series, featuring Namco characters such as Pac-Man and Valkyrie. Not much is known about the game since it was canceled due to the loss of the game's files during a hard drive failure on the developer's computer. (this also affected another game, Super Block Breaker and the special edition version)

The game was still supposedly in development even after the loss of files, however, was again canceled due to lack of interest and stressful work on remaking it. As stated on the game's cancellation notice, many of the game's characters and ideas would be added in another title, Waku Waku Namco Paradise World. The page also announced the continuation of development for Super Block Breaker and other projects, such as Twin Pong.

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