Namkanda (known as British Namkanda until 2000) is a country that it is divided into two parts: North Namkanda and South Namkanda. The president of Namkanda is Kim Namjoon (known as RM).


Namkanda's name was British Namkanda, since Namkanda used the blue ensign flag that contains the Union Jack flag until its indepedence in 2000. Namkanda was a country and a state since the year 456.


Namkanda has 2 parts: North Namkanda and South Namkanda. North Namkanda has 40 states, while South Namkanda has 30 states. Namkanda has over 70 states in total (including special cities).


Its current flag was used since 2018. It contains 3 colors, Purple, White and Purple, and the BTS logo being covered by the black roses, which is the national flower for Namkanda. Before 2018, there was no BTS logo being covered by the black roses, it was only 3 colors without a symbol, which it was used from 2000 to 2018. Before 2000, it used the blue ensign with their emblem and the Union Jack flag.


Namkandia's official colors and meanings are: Purple (means one of the president's favorite colors and the color of the purple velvet cake), White (means the color of penguin and the light), and Black (means the color of the monster and the black rose).



Namkanda has famous singers, including ones from the North Namkanda are Dami Kim (pop singer), the band Skull N' Bones (rock and metal band) and more. From the South Namkanda are Theo Marie (another pop singer), Lisa van Delay (another pop singer), Girls Like U (pop band) and Cyber (another rock band). Namkanda has a children's band from North Namkanda, named Hi-5, which is an adaptation of the Australian version.


The public television channels from Namkanda are Radio and Television of Namkanda (RTN), with its television channels are NTV1, NTV2, NTV3, NTV4, NTV5, NTV6, and more. While the radio stations from RTN are RDN 1 FM, RDN 2 FM, RDN 3 FM, RDN 4 FM, RDN 5 FM, RDN 6 FM and more.


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